Friday, March 30, 2007

Bus Number 70 Rules

On the bus ride home this evening, my seatmate commented on how you can "pack a lunch and have a show" on the Grand bus.

I usually don't talk to my seatmate, but I became acquainted with the guy sitting next to me as we sat for 20 minutes, waiting for the police to remove a crazy.

This guy was seriously crazy and drunk and threatening to kill the bus driver. You know how you can sometimes spot the crazy a block away? I totally knew this guy was going to be trouble when I saw him throw his cane to the ground on the platform and glare at everyone around him.

Eventually there were all sorts of police on the bus....the rent-a-cop, Metro police, County police, and City police. What the hell? Does it really take 9 people to remove one unruly crazy? Because that's a total waste of our tax dollars.

Had I been on the bus any longer, I think my seatmate and I would have made plans for a bike ride on the Katy trail....that's how well we got to know each other. Bus crazies make people bond.

In Other News
I'm still working on my first sock. I might be ready to do the heel on Sunday.

At Knitorious tomorrow, there's a lecture/demo on alternative fibers. I'm going if I remember.

Tomorrow night is my school's International Festival. Although I can't make it early enough for the food, we will get to see the talent showcase, which is supposed to be surprisingly good.

Have a great weekend! Watch out for the bus crazies!

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Anonymous said...

oh bus troubles are always interesting! i am glad you had a relaxing weekend in Rolla though yay! I hope you both are doing well and we can talk soon! love, kt