Friday, June 29, 2007

Thursdays are the Best, Part 2

After work yesterday, I accompanied Porkchop to her haircut. Her stylist was recently fired from a salon which shall not be named here because she asked for a raise, so she now works on the Loop at V. Vegaz. Not only is this salon so hip it makes my teeth hurt, but it is also Salon of Stylists Past. You see, the stylist who we used to both visit also works there! After that stylist either left or was booted from our local salon, Porkchop stayed at the salon while I switched. Now Porkchop has followed her stylist (ssshhhh, don't tell!) to her new salon.

The salon industry is kind of junk. Stylists should be allowed to notify their clients when they leave a salon. No questions.

Once Porkchop was all spiffed up, we went to Dewey's for pizza (at the suggestion of P-chop's stylist). I guess this is perhaps a small chain? Anyway, it was great! We had a pizza that was half Green Lantern (pesto, artichoke, mushrooms, goat cheese, yum) and half BBQ chicken. I also had a strawberry macadamia nut salad. Everything was terrific, except the place was totally Kid Central (I waited all through dinner to say this to Porkchop in the parking lot, "Man, that place was totally Kid Central."). Nothing against kids...there were just a ton of them and the space was very echoey and loud.

After our great pizza, we trekked down to Webster Groves for Serendipity. YAYYYYYY!!!!

I was able to have gold coast chocolate and cinnamon. I definitely recommend this combination. Meanwhile, Porkchop had a GINORMOUS waffle cone of cookies and cream. HUGE! And, tasty!

On our way home, we stopped and rented Breach. Not my favorite genre, but we were both intrigued after hearing a NPR interview with the real (former) FBI agent who helped take down Robert Hanssen, the WORST SPY IN HISTORY (as you are reminded throughout the film). We were both a little disappointed. Maybe listening to the movie with commentary from the agent would be more interesting.

During the movie, I knitted. Because that's what I need to do in all spare time. I wish I could knit right now, but that would be too obvious.

When I worked at the software company in Madison, one of my co-workers had a big recliner in her cube. Were I still there, I would totally go to her cube and knit. Because at a software company where the marketing video depicts a Nerf gun fight between developers (something that never happened in real life), you could always claim that you were thinking and brainstorming. Yeah. Here, it would just be considered not working. But, I digress.

Have a great Friday!

P.S. If you want to see updated photos of Porkchop's kidney donation scars, visit her kidney blog.

P.P.S. I've updated my sidebar links to more accurately reflect the blogs and other sites I visit regularly. I'll add more as I think of it. I'm trying to be better at updating the sidebar things. Believe me, I've read more books than currently listed.

P.P.P.S. Sometimes I don't remember that the Feministing website is a .com and not a .org. If you use .org, you're directed to a most stupid and vile website.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pretty vs. Ugly

I've started a new project that will consume all of my free time for the next 10 days. It's just a scarf, but it's the not-so-last-minute chevron pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I made one back in winter/spring of 2005 (and am therefore quite amused at the recent surging online popularity of the pattern), and I am confronting the same question that I faced back then. Is my yarn combination utterly beautiful or downright ugly?

The line separating the glorious from the homely is quite thin.

Perhaps a picture will be appear here soon.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Good Yoga Night

Today wasn't a super-great day, but it wasn't that bad either. I was tired and not wanting to work and the day stretched on forever.

On the way home, I stopped to get my hair cleaned up (a free in-between little trim that they call a "crisping") and started to feel a bit better. After eating dinner and waiting for an hour, I did some yoga.

Lately, I've been feeling like I've hit a yoga plateau, but tonight felt like a bit of a breakthrough. First, my forward bend was a lot deeper than usual. Maybe it's because I now unintentionally practice a type of hot yoga! Yeah, I've got my own 85+ degree yoga studio! Awesome!

Beside forward bend, I'm now nearly able to do a bind while in prayer twist (the lunging version). I really wanted to find a picture, but can't. So, here's prayer twist. Now imagine this guy reaches his left arm behind his torso, hooks his right arm under his upper leg, and grasps his left wrist with his right hand. I am almost there while twisting to the left (as usual, my body is more flexible on one side).

In other news, revolved triangle still gives me problems, and I still have to use my head during crow. Someday, I really want to achieve the scorpion pose...that will be a LONG time from now.

Tonight, I was able to go even deeper in my seated half lotus with a bind and was able to stay in wheel for a bit longer. I try to hold the wheel for a tiny fraction more each time.

Okay, after searching for photos of these poses online, I see that there are TONS more people so much more flexible than I am. But, that is okay. As Bryan Kest says (yes, these are the DVD programs that I use), flexible people just have to go farther to get to the same place.

Sometimes I still chortle during some of Bryan's programs, but his spiel has actually become a bit relaxing. On Saturday, I was more than a bit wound up and stressed about the apartment (it was hot, still not unpacked, the floors needed to be swept, etc.) while doing yoga, and when Bryan said "don't get caught up in the ebb and flow of life," I realized that the apartment will still be here next week and there's no need to get stressed out about some half-unpacked boxes. And about the heat, the landlady was going to fix or replace the A/C this week (the new unit is sitting in the dining room as we speak).

Anyway, sometimes Bryan Kest's self-helpy talk is nice. But some things on his website are still a bit whacked.

Speaking of whacked, I caught the end of a really odd program on channel 64 (TBN??) tonight. At first I thought it was just an organic cooking show (good!), but then I realized it was a religious program (not so good!!). After making grilled halibut and tabbouleh, the show cut to the host talking about the benefits of sunlight and how none of us have enough vitamin D and that's why we're all depressed. I didn't think this was so crazy until he said that the sun doesn't cause skin cancer....hmmmm, really? Because I think there's some sound evidence counter to that. Anyway, then the show ended with a "one-minute snack" to introduce raw food into our diets. It looked pretty good - blended up avocadoes and agave juice and something else topped with bananas, kiwi, and strawberries. During the credits, there were ads for a book called something like "The Maker's Diet," written by the host who doesn't believe that too much sun can cause skin cancer. So, the show was some strange blend of organic cooking and religion and sunshine. Is this a new trend? Can someone research that, please? Anyway, THAT was strange. Bryan Kest, I can handle.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Plugged In

Porkchop and I recently purchased new cell phones for a couple of reasons...we were tired of our Iowa area code (319 is a lot like 314 and lots of people don't pay attention or they think the 9 is a mistake) and our phones were starting to fall apart.

Even though we don't have iPhones just yet, we have one that plays mp3s. I haven't used this feature yet because all of our music files are on the desktop computer, which isn't hooked up and I'm too lazy to reload CDs onto my laptop.

I am, however, all about the FM radio on my phone. I can't tell you how nice it is to once again listen to NPR on my way to work. Even though the news is usually depressing, it's better than having to talk to the creepy guy on the bus.

Yes, I was stuck sitting next to Mr. Creepy again this morning. But, instead of acknowledging his hello, I kept my head turned and attentively listened to NPR. I love headphones/earpieces/whatever. I have something in my ears! Can't hear you! Will not acknowledge your presence!

So, I love my new phone.

I never thought I would say that.

I also never thought I would wear a phone headset, but it is terrific! Yay for hands-free talking!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saturday Sweatiness

Our apartment now has two window air conditioners. There's a small one in the bedroom courtesy of my parents (it's one that I used while in college) and a larger one in the dining room provided by the apartment owner.

Previously, the bedroom was hot and miserable; now it's the cool refuge in the whole apartment. The larger one in the dining room isn't working so well now...which makes for a very hot apartment. The kitchen is never pleasant, but at least the dining room and living room used to be tolerable. Someone is supposed to take a look at it tomorrow...I hope this person doesn't think I'm stupid. The unit puts out cool air, but it isn't cold enough anymore to cool off those two rooms.

Anyway, the point of this is that yesterday, after morning yoga, I decided to continue being sweaty and gross and did things like hang up pictures in the hot rooms, take out the trash, and make baked rosemary-garlic chicken.

Even though I had to suffer with the oven on 375, the chicken was fabulous. I think it was extra tasty because the rosemary came from our plant. Here's a pic:

The salad you see was also tasty. It's couscous with spinach, basil, green onions, and pistachios. The basil also came from our own plants.

I can't wait for our tomato plants to spring forth with fruit. I'm looking forward to lots of tomato and basil dishes.

Okay, so my schedule for today looks like:
  • Yoga or other exercise.

  • Buy kitchen cart from Weekends Only Furniture. I haven't written about our woes concerning kitchen carts because it's boring. I'm glad to have found some locally that won't be damaged during shipping and can be easily returned if they contain incorrect parts. A kitchen cart is necessary because we still have a few boxes of kitchen items and no where to put them.

  • Go to a coffee shop and read and/or do internet things.

  • Go to Six Flags. Today is Family Appreciation Day (family, as in Six Flags workers' families). Since it seems no one else will use these tickets, I'm going to go in the late afternoon. Porkchop and I will be able to ride a few things after she finishes drawing at 7:00. In the hours between 4:00 and 7:00, I will hang out at the caricature booth. I'm looking forward to watching Porkchop do some caricatures, but I don't look forward to having be around other people at Six Flags.

All for now! Have a great Sunday!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh, Nino

Circus Flora was tops again this year (ha! tops! big with great new acts and reliable local acts.

Sometimes I think the whole ribbon-aerial thing is a bit tired (you know, Cirque du Soleil has done it to death), but there was a duo this year that really amazed everyone. I'll have to look at my program again for their names (they're these people). You could definitely sense the bond between them, and everything was amazing and beautiful.

The Flying Wallendas weren't as spectacular this year because they only did a 3-person pyramid instead of a 7-person one. Yes, we quickly become spoiled. A 3-person pyramid with 2 people on bicycles on a tightrope without a safety net is still freaking amazing.

Li'l Donald is still with the St. Louis Arches and once again brought us to tears with his cuteness. So small! He could easily fit in one of our pockets...

Also, Nino had a little Nino this year who was also SO CUTE and pocket-sized.

If you live in St. Louis and don't go to see Circus Flora, you are SO missing out!!!

I love reading the performer bios and imagining what it would be like to be born into a circus family, as many of them are. Growing up on the trapeze or with an elephant? Crazy!

Speaking of things in St. Louis, if you've never been to Serendipity, you're also missing out. Porkchop and I finally went last week, and the ice cream is fabulous. I had gooey butter cake and cappuccino chip. It was a good combination, but next time I hope to have cinnamon and gold coast chocolate.

Can you tell that I'm either:
1. Not so busy with conference things.
2. Ignoring other work and taking long internet breaks.

3. All of the above.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

More with the Gap Card

So, I've noticed that I still get quite a few regular hits related to my post about how much the Gap card sucks. Most of these hits result from searches on "how to cancel Gap card."

Here's how to cancel your Gap card folks:
  1. Locate your Gap card.

  2. Call the toll-free customer service number listed on the back.

  3. Listen to the automated menu and select the option entitled, "Cancel your card."

  4. Cut up your card and trash it.

Yes, it's surprisingly easy. No customer service reps, no hassle. While Monogram Bank of Georgia often makes it terrifically difficult for you to pay your bill, it's quite easy to cancel the darn thing.


Yay for the Circus!

Today will be nothing but rainbows because we're going to Circus Flora tonight!

Yay! So many Yays!

You might recall that last year's show brought us to tears over and over. I'm looking forward to more tears, an elephant detective, and a circus snack.

More with the Work
There is a chance that I might be forced to go to the conference next week.

Okay, it would be a bit exciting, but lots of hard work. Hard work when jet lagged and stuck in a hotel equals no fun to me.

There are also other reasons for my non-excited state, but that would be saying too much.

Can I just please stay here in St. Louis and have a few days to do OTHER work? Yes, I do actually have other work to do! Thanks!

I am NOT going! Yes!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


In Asia, cell phones are referred to as "handphones," and this is noted in address books as HP. This is a tidbit that I've learned during conference planning. I find it fascinating.

Our trip to Arkansas was terrific, and we won $20 from a scratch-off ticket. The prize money was reinvested in powerball tickets.

My work week has SUCKED. On Tuesday, I had 3 conference calls: 7:00, 11:00, and 1:00. All lasted over an hour.

This afternoon, I took a quick jaunt to the immigration office downtown on behalf of a co-worker. It's a looooong story. Anyway, TIP: schedule appointments with the immigration officers in the afternoon. It's much less crowded then. Heck, I was the only one there. Also, immigration office building...the best people-watching.

Anyway, I am tired and no longer care if I make mistakes in things like contact lists and bios.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mildly Disappointing Curry

Last night, I was excited to make this recipe because it has all the makings of a good curry, for example, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, onions, curry powder, and coconut milk.

But, the name of the recipe is spot-on. It was mild. Too mild. My taste buds were bored beyond belief. The dish isn't gross, it's just ho-hum. It's a curry that you could eat while battling a stomach ailment with no problem whatsoever.

I thought the lunch leftovers might be better, but they weren't.

Anyway, I did learn something while making this dish. I learned that, if you are grinding up ginger, onions, garlic, and lemongrass to a paste, you should not put your nose directly over the concoction for a good whiff. I did this and was temporarily blinded from all of those concentrated fumes! Wow, that hurt! I guess I should have remembered my high school chemistry teacher demonstrating how to correctly waft fumes.

Tonight and Beyond
Yay for Thursdays! After Porkchop picks me up from work, we're going to find something good to eat and then find some presents for my family. We're making a trip to Arkansas tomorrow. I usually make a trip in early June to help celebrate my brother's birthday, my mom's birthday, and Father's Day.

Last night, I requested that my dad make his banana pudding. I'm no longer declaring that my dad makes the best freakin' banana pudding ever because I don't want to offend Porkchop and her family's banana pudding, which she claims is the best ever.

Ah, banana pudding...a hotly contested subject it seems.

Anyway, my dad somehow developed his own recipe, the base of which is the filling for a vanilla creme pie from one of my mom's mom's cookbook. I really like that my dad developed his own recipe.

However, I made my mom promise that my dad would make it with real sugar; he's been using splenda a lot lately, and I think that is disgusting. And unhealthier than real sugar. I also made my mom promise to monitor my dad and make sure that he doesn't put in any add-ins like protein powder.

Last year, while making chocolate gravy, I hear that he destroyed the batch by adding protein powder. If you're eating chocolate gravy, do you really care about the health aspects? Sometimes my dad just simply puzzles me.

But, his banana pudding...totally awesome.

Now I also want chocolate gravy, hold the protein powder.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pink Plechiness

I was just checking the weather website (because I like to bemoan the heat even when I'm inside) and noticed a big side ad for Ford's "Warriors in Pink" line of products. As you've probably already guessed, this is a line of items meant to support the Susan G. Komen fund.

So, you can buy a 2008 Mustang Warriors in Pink package, which is a Mustang convertible decked out in pink trimming and ribbons and stuff. And, if you buy this package, Ford will donate $250 to the Komen people.

I'm not going to go into the politics behind the Komen fund (read IBTP or Feministing or back articles in Bitch), I merely want to express my amazement of this measly contribution. Wow! A whole $250!!

Hey, don't you think that if Ford really cares about breast cancer research, they could maybe just donate $250...I don't know, thousand or million dollars? Instead they're doing small beans fund raising $250 at a time (and the package is supposedly a limited edition).

Oh, but I guess you could buy some of their crappy-looking Warrior Gear, the net proceeds of which are donated to Komen. You know, Warrior Gear, t-shirts and hats with Ford's stupid "warrior" logo on it...items most likely made by women in the Northern Mariana Islands (or elsewhere in Southeast Asia) who paid $1000 or more for a chance to make over-priced clothing for which they earn maybe half a penny a piece and will never have a chance in hell to pay off their mounting debt that they incurred securing a job and transport to a squalid island that they'll never leave now and never get to see their family again.

So, you have two options to help breast cancer research via Ford: buy an expensive car, the making of which and operation of which pollutes the environment (and, I don't know, perhaps increases the risk of breast cancer...especially if the cars are built in those wonderful EZPs just across the border in Mexico where environmental regulation is nil), or buy crap merch made by women who never get a bathroom break.

Thanks, Ford! You're the best!

Don't you find US commonwealths like the Northern Mariana Islands fascinating? Since they're a commonwealth, clothing can be labeled "Made in the USA," yet US labor laws aren't required.

We are so tricky here in the US! What will we think of next?!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sometimes I'm Amazed

So, I've had a few insurance-related pieces of mail sitting on the dining room table for a couple of days. I thought they were probably just EOBs, so I didn't rush to open them right away. While cleaning off the table tonight, I opened them and was surprised to find that I had received a bill from a medical center for a visit in April (Disney sinus infection) and a statement from my insurance company confirming that I owed this extra amount.

After puzzling over this for a few minutes, I steeled myself for a battle. I called my insurance company and tersely answered the stupid automated operator (how I hate those things! I would much rather press buttons than talk to a robot!).

To my surprise, all was resolved in a matter of a few minutes!! Yay for the Rapid Resolution Department! Love you!

The Rest of my Day
Today started bright and early with another 7 am conference call, which I actually contributed to this time (beyond "Hi"). Things were hectic right off the bat when I got to the office around 10:00.

It didn't help that the admin assistant was on vacation, so I had to do things like make 50 copies of something and prepare a FedEx package. ALSO, people who I NEVER see stopped by needing things. AND I spent 45 minutes on the phone buying plane tickets for someone. AND AND AND, after talking to someone at another foundation who was breathing down my neck the whole day for a document, a project manager (who I usually see every 2 weeks) called and started asking me questions about our university's vision plan, WHICH I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BECAUSE I DON'T REQUIRE VISION ASSISTANCE!!! Also, I WAS BUSY and the information is on the HR website. Then a student stopped by complaining about needing permission for some web folders because she needed to post something before she left today. To which I wanted to say, WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK ME ABOUT THIS MAYBE 5 DAYS AGO, but because I'm polite and courteous, I said, sure, even though I'm super-busy trying to finish something for a very important funder, I will try to help you with your folder permissions. Students! Seriously! Sometimes, no clue what-so-freaking-ever.

That is all. I need dinner now.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Few Things

I didn't make it to Local Harvest yesterday because washing 3 sets of mini-blinds required more time than expected (two hours instead of 45 minutes).

They were very dirty. Very, very dirty. Also, I forgot to take into account the time required to set up the washing area, the time to pry out reluctant blinds from their mountings, the time to scrub every individual slat, and the time to lay them out to dry.

The rest of Sunday was spent grocery shopping, trying to return keys to Home Depot (fruitlessly, because they were out of key type 66), and cooking.

I'm sore from the blind scrubbing and from yoga. Every time I tell someone that I do yoga and they say something like, "oh, that must be so relaxing," I want to spit in their eyes.

Yes, yoga can be relaxing as you go through the different poses, but it is also hard. HARD. My ass is sore from various lunge series, and my abs burn a bit.

Seriously, what do people think? That yoga means rolling around in a field of daisies while listening to some pan flute music?

Anyway, I'm in one of my rare bad moods today.

Also, my right hand has been tingling since this morning. I'm worried that it's indicative of some neck nerve issues.


I hope your Monday is better than mine.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Life on Montana Street

So, you know what freaks me out?

Hearing gunshots while I sit on the couch, updating my blog.


I've since turned off the front room lights and retreated to the bedroom. You know, I don't want anyone to get the idea to send a bullet through my window or something like that.

Don't worry, this is nothing new, really. We would hear random (as in, not on a holiday or after a Cardinals victory) shots on Arsenal Street, and one night, a police helicopter kept circling our area, shining its spotlight.

Anyway...there are lots of sirens in the distant, which is weird because the shots seemed much closer, but maybe they aren't related.

Well, enough about that...

My day started with a 50-minute massage at Healing Arts Center student clinic (only $30) and is coming to a close with me eating cantaloupe and triple-cream cheese on crackers (and listening to gunshots). Not a bad way to bookend the day (except for the gunshots).

The rest of the day was generally frustrating with me running errands and trying to find things like curtains, shelving for the kitchen, and a kitchen cart. I found everything EXCEPT the kitchen shelving and kitchen cart. Why must these kitchen carts be so freaking expensive! I've finally found one that I actually like online from Home Depot, but it's $190!! Grrr!!!

Porkchop could theoretically build one, but she has no time, what with working 7 days a week and all.

After spending my day driving around and looking at horrible "wood" things, I spent a good part of the evening unpacking. Again. It's hard because I have to be so creative with storing things in the kitchen, which means it takes FOREVER.

Last night, while unpacking my teas, I considered replacing this box, which now holds miscellaneous teas, with something else:

But then I became a bit nostalgic and realized this box has been with me in 8 different apartments. I bought this box of rooibos tea in 1998 in Cambridge, where I spent a week at King's College. Why replace it now? Why not just wait until it falls apart completely?

Scenes from the New Apartment

One of the few pictures we have of the new apartment sans furniture and boxes is this one of the windows in the living room:

Keetah loves the windows in this apartment because the sills are wide enough for her to lie on them. There was only one window in the old apartment with a sill wide enough for Keetah to lounge upon, so I think she actually enjoys this apartment more. See, here she is in the bedroom:

Since the place is still a mess, I will try to distract you with photos of plants...

Our crazy upside-down tomato plants, for example:

Also, our nice-smelling rosemary plant:

Tomorrow, I hope to check out the new local organic store on Morgan Ford....Local Harvest. Since it's only open until 2:00 on Sundays, I'll have to hurry!

Scenes from the Old Apartment

Before moving from Arsenal Street, Porkchop and I tried to take some family portraits with Keetah. Unfortunately, she would have none of our silliness. See...

The other photos are similar. I did manage to finally get this shot, in which Keetah is contemplating the world's problems (or at least wondering why we're not petting and brushing her):

Here are some things I miss from the old apartment...

The awesome fireplaces (we had another one like this, but with green tile) and window casings:

The speaking tube. The other end was by the front door; it was a very effective (and fun) intercom system:

The location! I am still so sad when the bus passes Arsenal, and I'm still on it. Also, having the park as a neighbor can't be beat.

Good-bye super-pretty (yet expensive to heat) apartment!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

One Thing Had

Sort of.

On the way home, Porkchop and I stopped at Ba Le so that I could get a red bean slushie.

It wasn't quite as super-fantastic as the ones from the food cart on the UW library mall in Madison, but it's quite close. I will definitely be returning for more. Yum!

We're about to leave to meet a co-worker at Pho Grand. She's treating me to dinner for all of the assistance I've offered for the upcoming conference. I wonder what the most expensive item is...

Things that I Want Right Now

  • A croissant filled with goat cheese and green olives.
  • A red bean cake.

I'm hungry.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Blibbity-Blah

Last night, I was on a conference call from approximately 8:00-9:30. My contribution to the conversation was, "Hi."

What a complete and utter waste. Fortunately, since I wasn't an integral part of the conversation, I was able to multi-task and look at things on the Internet. It was still b-o-r-i-n-g, especially since Porkhop abandoned me and went out to play cards.

Today is more boringness. I have approximately 60 bios to edit and format for the conference. I started out with a fresh mind this morning and whipped through the first quarter (editing only, I'll have to go back through and insert photos later). Now I'm slogging through it and hating everyone.


I need to make a BIG note to myself to NEVER stop at Kayak's at the corner of Skinker and Forest Park again. Kayak's is right by my metro stop, and the thought of a cup of chai at 8:15 in the morning always sounds like the perfect way to start the day. I've only followed through on this thought a few times, but I've had it. The baristas are the slowest people EVER and the chai is weak with gross gritty solids left at the bottom.

This morning, I thought I was the only person waiting for a drink, and I had been waiting for said drink for at least 3 minutes when a barista stepped back from the machine with a drink. When I stepped forward to accept it, he said, "uh, this is a decaf latté."

I said, "OHHH," with a falling smile and maybe looked at my watch with an agitated expression.

So, then, a DIFFERENT barista stepped up and made my drink and took FOREVER. And, it was more than a quarter foam! WTF?? Who trained these people? Guess what, I don't shell out $3.50 for FOAM and CRAP.


On a happier note, I have a new favorite drink for the summer...grape and lime Italian soda. This is also delicious made as a French soda, which has the added value of intimidating other people because it becomes a murky gray.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Project: Grow Hair

St. Louis is overwhelmingly and stiflingly humid in the summer, and this is an understatement at best.

Local readers need no other description, but how do I describe the humidity to those unfamiliar with this area?

Breathing is difficult, any movement leaves one drenched in sweat, and my face breaks out in tiny little pimples because my pores are so suffocated.

So, of course, the summer is the perfect time for me to grow my hair out a bit. Yes, I'm sure I won't be at all annoyed with the frizziness that is guaranteed to ensue.

For the past 8 years or so, I've had short hair...sometimes a shaved head and sometimes hair approaching the 3-inch mark (long in my book, short in others'). So, I'm curious to see what my somewhat wavy and curly hair looks like now. Armed with the knowledge I've developed over the past half-dozen years concerning all sorts of hair products (paste, wax, pomade, clay, fiber, gel, foam, mixing products, I've done it all), I'm confident I can embrace hair that is longer than 3 inches and even enjoy its quirky little curls.

But, the real reason I want to grow my hair out a bit is so that I can cut it all off.

Just as it's difficult to convey how freaking humid it is here during the summer, it is impossible for me to explain the joy I experience from getting my hair whacked off.

I LOVE haircuts, especially haircuts that give a very noticeable result.

I will suffer through months of trims and perhaps summer frizz-head so that I can experience a REALLY GOOD haircut.

We're back online at home. Look for Keetah portraits and old apartment pictures soon!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Why is Housing so Hard?

Okay, so we're settling into the new apartment and unpacking and ready to totally clean out the old apartment. Things are going more bats or house centipedes. Also, the landlord is going to fix our continually running toilet next week.

Porkchop had also lined up rooming in Albuquerque beginning in August. The house was in the Nob Hill district (supposedly full of coffeehouses and natural food stores and the like) and had a bedroom furnished with a bed, a table, and lots of built-in storage. Things were looking up.

Unfortunately, the woman reneged on their email agreement and gave the room away yesterday! Porkchop called to discuss details today and was given a flimsy excuse of, "well, you said you weren't sure if you were coming." In reality, Porkchop had written that she wasn't sure when she would be LEAVING New Mexico (probably May, but there's always a chance she could stay for a second year).

I guess...what do you expect from someone who has pictures on her Myspace that totally show off her nipplage. Also, she seems a bit "quirky." I enjoy quirky people, but not when the quirkiness is forced and is actually a front for "flaky" and "stupid."

Anyway, it's back to craiglist. It's hard enough to find a decent place when you live in the town where you're's a million times more difficult to find a place in a town 1042 miles away.

If you know anyone in Albuquerque who needs a roommate, let us know.

Also, if you ever meet anyone named Ashleigh from Albuquerque, please kick her in the head.

Okay, maybe no kicking, but give her the stink eye.