Saturday, June 09, 2007

Scenes from the Old Apartment

Before moving from Arsenal Street, Porkchop and I tried to take some family portraits with Keetah. Unfortunately, she would have none of our silliness. See...

The other photos are similar. I did manage to finally get this shot, in which Keetah is contemplating the world's problems (or at least wondering why we're not petting and brushing her):

Here are some things I miss from the old apartment...

The awesome fireplaces (we had another one like this, but with green tile) and window casings:

The speaking tube. The other end was by the front door; it was a very effective (and fun) intercom system:

The location! I am still so sad when the bus passes Arsenal, and I'm still on it. Also, having the park as a neighbor can't be beat.

Good-bye super-pretty (yet expensive to heat) apartment!

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