Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yay for the Circus!

Today will be nothing but rainbows because we're going to Circus Flora tonight!

Yay! So many Yays!

You might recall that last year's show brought us to tears over and over. I'm looking forward to more tears, an elephant detective, and a circus snack.

More with the Work
There is a chance that I might be forced to go to the conference next week.

Okay, it would be a bit exciting, but lots of hard work. Hard work when jet lagged and stuck in a hotel equals no fun to me.

There are also other reasons for my non-excited state, but that would be saying too much.

Can I just please stay here in St. Louis and have a few days to do OTHER work? Yes, I do actually have other work to do! Thanks!

I am NOT going! Yes!

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