Friday, June 01, 2007

Why is Housing so Hard?

Okay, so we're settling into the new apartment and unpacking and ready to totally clean out the old apartment. Things are going more bats or house centipedes. Also, the landlord is going to fix our continually running toilet next week.

Porkchop had also lined up rooming in Albuquerque beginning in August. The house was in the Nob Hill district (supposedly full of coffeehouses and natural food stores and the like) and had a bedroom furnished with a bed, a table, and lots of built-in storage. Things were looking up.

Unfortunately, the woman reneged on their email agreement and gave the room away yesterday! Porkchop called to discuss details today and was given a flimsy excuse of, "well, you said you weren't sure if you were coming." In reality, Porkchop had written that she wasn't sure when she would be LEAVING New Mexico (probably May, but there's always a chance she could stay for a second year).

I guess...what do you expect from someone who has pictures on her Myspace that totally show off her nipplage. Also, she seems a bit "quirky." I enjoy quirky people, but not when the quirkiness is forced and is actually a front for "flaky" and "stupid."

Anyway, it's back to craiglist. It's hard enough to find a decent place when you live in the town where you're's a million times more difficult to find a place in a town 1042 miles away.

If you know anyone in Albuquerque who needs a roommate, let us know.

Also, if you ever meet anyone named Ashleigh from Albuquerque, please kick her in the head.

Okay, maybe no kicking, but give her the stink eye.

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