Thursday, May 31, 2007

These ARE Really Good Spring Rolls

So, the neon sign in the Vietnamese restaurant window WASN'T lying!

Banh Mi So #1 - Saigon Gourmet has really good spring rolls. Also, very tasty main dishes. According to the website, the name of the restaurant translates to Number One Sandwich; it originally opened as a sandwich shop. And, geez, I will definitely be going back for a vegetarian sandwich, especially since it's only $2.25! Last night, I ordered vegetarian spring rolls, Palestrina's Delight (a tofu dish), and a new dish that was pork and mung bean cakes served with big noodles and a spicy sauce. Porkchop and I both totally enjoyed the tofu dish. I like the pork and mung bean cakes, but I would have preferred the pork to be tofu. Next time I go, I'm going to try the tilapia spring rolls - some other diners were raving about these.

We were able to do some unpacking last night. Porkchop actually did a lot in terms of putting up the loft bed and moving her art boxes into storage underneath the bed and so forth.

I unpacked some kitchen boxes.

The kitchen boxes overwhelm me, especially since we have limited kitchen storage space.

Keetah's litter box has been moved to the sunporch. She seems okay with this.

After seven months, I was finally able to check out this book. The bad thing about relying on the university library is that professors often put the books that I want on 2-hour reservation.

I think we might do a little bit of grocery shopping after work. Without a list. That's scary.


Caro said...

I wish you, Porkchop & Keetah all sorts of joy in your new home . . . especially once the bats have gone!

Carrie said...

Thank you!

We have had 2 nights without a bat, but I'm still not sleeping well.

Although there are still quite a few boxes to unpack, the apartment is shaping up. Someday...

That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

#1 Sandwich is one of the best kept secrets in South City.

Enjoy your new place!