Saturday, May 12, 2007

More Things

Since Porkchop won't get home until around 11:00 tonight, I'm updating my blog again. I'm currently enjoying a coffee stout (still working on my pack from December), listening to This American Life, and eating one of these:

These mocha macaroons (I would call them meringues, but I guess they are technically macaroons) are one of the best things ever. You can find them at the TG farmers' market, and I highly recommend them. I first had them at the Harvest Festival last October, and I'm glad to have a regular supply of them now. I've already had 3 today.

So, I took care of this during the afternoon:

The Glass Doctor came and replaced the window, and the church pastor called and said that they would refund me next week. I'm glad this was just a small disturbance in my day.

After doing the week's grocery shopping (P.S. Trader Joe's is actually tolerable on Saturday late afternoons), I came home and made roasted asparagus (bought at the farmers' market) with penne and a goat cheese sauce. Yum!

Here are some other recently made things:

The mango salsa for the braised porkchops last pretty!

Roasted chicken and good!

And banana bread that I made last night. I used this recipe because it was one of the few that I found that didn't use oil and that used more whole wheat flour than white flour. Instead of walnuts, I used dates because that's what I had. Very good!

May in Review
May has been a rough month, so I thought I would do a mid-month review, in case you haven't been listening to my complaining:
  • I've been sick for all of May.

  • On the day that I looked at the apartment for which I signed a lease, the following things happened: 1) Our Airport Express got zapped in a storm. 2) Our modem got zapped in the same storm. 3) I fell exiting my car from the passenger side, sliding on the muddy mulch in the storm. I received a nasty bruise on my leg and my left thumbnail bed was torn up. I still have a lumpy, painful bruise, but my nail bed is healing well.

  • Porkchop is now at Six Flags on the weekends, which makes me sad.

  • I have done little knitting.

  • I get easily irritated at work because of the poor planning that has been done so far on an upcoming international conference.

  • I have a new pair of Keens (not a complaint). I was going to buy these last weekend at REI, but my inability to breath kept me from doing so. Porkchop ended up surprising me with them Monday evening. Here I am wondering if they are actually ugly, or if they are okay. After Porkchop put them on to demonstrate what they look like to the non-wearer, I felt much better. I like them and they're super comfortable.

  • I've finally scheduled movers for the end of May; now I have to line up a truck.

  • My car window was broken and fixed today.

I'm wondering what the rest of the month will bring.

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