Friday, May 11, 2007

The Littlest Birds (Sing the Prettiest Songs)*

During lunch today, I watched a robin feeding her little ones. The nest is on a windowsill in my school's courtyard - seems like an odd spot since there's no foliage to protect the nest, but I guess it works.

I just saw my blog on a list of regularly updated I decided I should perhaps post an update!

Yesterday I went through the 1200+ emails in my work inbox and whittled it down to 68. It's now up to 90. Blech. I get sick of email at work, which explains why I'm an irregular emailer outside of work. I don't like to spend non-work time on something that reminds me of work.


The other night, Porkchop and I tossed around the idea of driving to Columbia after work today for Shakespeare's. My favorite pizza: half tomato/half pineapple with pepper jack cheese on a wheat crust. We'll probably end up not doing that, since neither of us mentioned it this morning and Porkchop hasn't responded to my text message about it. Maybe we'll stay in the neighborhood and try Black Thorn's pizza.

We've had an awesome week of dinners at home: corn chowder, braised porkchops with mango salsa, baked tofu, and roasted chicken and potatoes. Yum! But, I'm tired of cooking now and need a little break.

This Weekend
Tomorrow is the first outdoor Tower Grove Farmers' Market, and I'm quite looking forward to it. I'm excited for asparagus, strawberries, and baked goods.

Also, this weekend, I need to do more move preparation. I still don't have movers lined up. Murrr. After the rain yesterday evening, I stepped out on our deck and realized how sad I'll be to leave our apartment. I wouldn't mind moving for a house; I'm tired of apartment-living.

Update: I now have movers scheduled. Now to rent a truck.

I'm embarrassed to give a knitting update....I've only started the heel of my second sock. Someday....

Other News
We are back on-line at home! Yay!!!

Porkchop spent the evening uploading photos for our vacation blog, so I didn't have a chance to luxuriate in our wireless. Okay, I could have used the computer in the office, but that's also the cat litter room. It can be awkward to be at the computer while Keetah is taking care of her business. [P.S. Keetah is still alive. Porkchop found ribbon-filled poop while scooping the other night, so maybe Keetah's troubles have passed (intentional double-entendre).]

Have a great weekend!

*Is there anything sweeter than The Be Good Tanyas' song?


Anonymous said...

I've noticed a lot of Columbia references in your recent posts. Either you are writing for your homesick audience or also experiencing a little COMO melancholy. At least your cat is not named Mizzou.


That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Hey, no pressure to update :) I won't take you off the list.