Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Beautiful Morning...

This is a terrific morning; the weather is perfect windows-open, snuggle in bed time.

Also, with the first outdoor TG market of the season, what could be better?

These were my thoughts this morning. La, la, la, yay, yay, yay, nice weather and things to do. The plan was for Porkchop to drop me off at the market, me to shop around, walk home, take Porkchop's car in for an oil change, exercise, pack, and so forth.

Unfortunately, when we walked out the front door, our thoughts were, "ooooohhh, shhhhiiiiit." front passenger car window was broken! Awesome!

At first I thought someone had broken in to steal one of these things: my Camera Obscura CD, my umbrella that doesn't really work, or my bag of car trash (water bottles, Kleenexes, etc.).

It turns that the gentleman mowing the next-door church's grass hit a rock and the mower threw the rock and it broke my window. What bad luck!

I hate that this happened, but I am also amazed at the chain of coincidences that leads up to such events.

If only my car had been parked in another spot, if only the guy had noticed the rock, if only we had left earlier.

Anyway, it sucks.

I'm about to call the pastor's personal cell phone to talk about getting reimbursed for my window. The quote is $230, and I have a $500 deductible, so.... As much as I hate to take money from this little church, I don't have a lot of spare change at this moment to pay for a window that I didn't break.

I took my dad's advice (something I rarely do) and went ahead and scheduled the glass people to come out. They'll be here sometime today.

I love services where it's just "sometime today."

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