Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Uncomfortably Numb

My take on Pink Floyd's lyrics:

There is much pain, your gums are receding
A distant dentist drill on the horizon
You are coming through with A3 color fillings
Your lips move but you sound funny

Hi! I just had three cavities filled! Three quadrants of my mouth were affected, so the dentist decided we should do the smallest one without any sort of numbing. As painful as that sounds, it was actually the easiest one. For the other two cavities, the dentist had to go up under my gums, which means I will be quite sore once the numbness wears off. Right now, I just have bloody gums...still no feeling.

At work today, I kept having this internal debate: should I exercise tonight, or should I pack? Ha! The answer is neither! I forgot that this cavity-filling business might make me want to just drink an iced chai and eat soup from St. Louis Bread while sitting on the couch.

A Cavity Memory
When I go to the dentist, I like to remember this story...

During the summer when Porkchop and I were living with BD and KT in Columbia, my left foot became quite sore after Porkchop and I had taken a walk on a trail. We're talking SORE, as opposed to sore.

After tiring of my complaining and hobbling about, Porkchop looked at my foot. Nothing. She concluded that perhaps I had bruised it during our walk (because, you know, Porkchop is also a trained podiatrist). Alas, it became SORER and SORER and people starting making fun of me and accused me of whining.

A few days after our walk, I had to get a cavity filled (yes, you see, it relates). Porkchop kindly chauffered me for my dental visit and helped me inside the house afterwards. It was then, as I was climbing up the stairs with a foot that felt like it was about to fall off and a numb face that I couldn't take it anymore and maybe started crying.

Porkchop and KT then maybe laughed at me because I could only manage half a frown while crying.

So, Porkchop re-examined my foot with the help of BD and they found, between my littlest toes, a tick the size of a pea!

Yes, a tick had been feeding on my foot for at least three days!! Who was laughing then! No one!

BD pulled out her wallet-sized tick identification card to make sure it wasn't possibly a Lyme disease-carrying tick. Then Porkchop and BD got to work and extracted the tick. I think KT stayed in another room during this procedure.

Now, when Porkchop sometimes makes fun of my complaints (like my Dance Dance Revolution knee injury which has seriously affected my quality of life), I try to remind her of this tick story. It's like the boy who cried wolf but only reverse.

Who's going to win American Idol tonight??

Don't say that you don't care!

Porkchop and I have our money on Jordin while Keetah is sticking with her beat-boxing bro Blake. Keetah is a mean beat-boxer.


getinmymouthstuff said...

Once Keetah broke it down for me and I fainted. Then she asked, ever so hesitantly, to be let out to smell the grass.

The tic story is, well, holy cow. I tend to overdramatize (I know, shocker!) and would have lorded this over everyone for YEARS. I hope that tic died a hard death after getting a good feed.


getinmymouthstuff said...


do you know about

my new fav.


Carrie said...


No, I did not know about goodreads.

Once I start reading again, I will be there!

Reading would be easier if Wash U would stop canceling my reservation requests! GRRR!