Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sometimes I'm Amazed

So, I've had a few insurance-related pieces of mail sitting on the dining room table for a couple of days. I thought they were probably just EOBs, so I didn't rush to open them right away. While cleaning off the table tonight, I opened them and was surprised to find that I had received a bill from a medical center for a visit in April (Disney sinus infection) and a statement from my insurance company confirming that I owed this extra amount.

After puzzling over this for a few minutes, I steeled myself for a battle. I called my insurance company and tersely answered the stupid automated operator (how I hate those things! I would much rather press buttons than talk to a robot!).

To my surprise, all was resolved in a matter of a few minutes!! Yay for the Rapid Resolution Department! Love you!

The Rest of my Day
Today started bright and early with another 7 am conference call, which I actually contributed to this time (beyond "Hi"). Things were hectic right off the bat when I got to the office around 10:00.

It didn't help that the admin assistant was on vacation, so I had to do things like make 50 copies of something and prepare a FedEx package. ALSO, people who I NEVER see stopped by needing things. AND I spent 45 minutes on the phone buying plane tickets for someone. AND AND AND, after talking to someone at another foundation who was breathing down my neck the whole day for a document, a project manager (who I usually see every 2 weeks) called and started asking me questions about our university's vision plan, WHICH I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BECAUSE I DON'T REQUIRE VISION ASSISTANCE!!! Also, I WAS BUSY and the information is on the HR website. Then a student stopped by complaining about needing permission for some web folders because she needed to post something before she left today. To which I wanted to say, WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK ME ABOUT THIS MAYBE 5 DAYS AGO, but because I'm polite and courteous, I said, sure, even though I'm super-busy trying to finish something for a very important funder, I will try to help you with your folder permissions. Students! Seriously! Sometimes, no clue what-so-freaking-ever.

That is all. I need dinner now.


Caro said...

OMG! Things sound hectic. When work is hideous and home is busy - you need to ignore them both for a while!

Find a comfy armchair, curl up with the cat and get your knitting out. Even if it's only an hour in the evening.

Everything will still be there 2moro (it always is)! Setting up house never happens over-night and work is just what you do for X hrs a day to put Y on the table. Sounds like you're doing a grand job with both.

Carrie said...

You are too kind! Our apartment is still littered with boxes, and I have no urge to unpack them. Also, I'm doing personal things online while I'm at work!


But, true, true. I haven't knitted in a long time. Such a long time, I am quite embarrassed and might shame-spiral right now.