Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This is our birdseed-stealing raccoon.

It's a friendly little critter. When Porkchop took the photo, she had to hurry back inside before we acquired a new house pet.

It's a bit hard to remain angry at such a cute animal. Yes, I think raccoons are cute! The band around the eyes, the ringed rail, the little pointy noses....what's not to love? [Besides ransacked trash bags and birdseed feeders.]

Not So Cute
I think it's my duty to start CAPU - Campaign Against Public Urination.

I'm really freaking tired of seeing guys just whip it out to pee. Maybe, MAYBE, I can understand pulling off in the industrial junkland near the Grand Metro stop to pee, but not really. Especially when it's two guys and two girls in a car and the guys are standing in plain sight by a building peeing. I think it's a macho-macho thing. "Hey, pull over here - I gotta piss." "Yeah [snort] me too."

So, I REALLY don't understand the guy who pulled over to take a whiz across the street from our apartment. We live on ARSENAL right across from Tower Grove park. It's a HEAVILY TRAFFICKED street. And, there are PORTA-POTTIES by the softball/kickball fields. Would it kill you to drive 30 more seconds and use one?

Also, this guy was with another guy. Again, I wonder what happens in these conversations. "Yeah, just pull over here....across the street from these two girls getting out of their car and across from the church. This looks like a good spot to take a piss in the gutter."

Okay, so from now on, I have had it.

I'm going to start carrying my Wash U safety whistle and start calling attention to these pissballs.

For the love of God, at least carry a cup or bottle in your vehicle that you can use in emergency situations. DO NOT PEE in the street across from our apartment! That is gross!


Robin said...

I think the public urination is just an excuse for straight guys to see each others' penises.

Carrie said...


You could be on to something there...

That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

You can retaliate like this local guy did: