Monday, June 16, 2008

When do we Rest?

This past week has been intense.

There was a work conference, which required a couple of early mornings. There was Porkchop and me putting in an offer on a house. There was a 4-day trip to my parents. There was a counter-offer received and another sent out. There was my mom's birthday and Father's Day to celebrate.

There was a cavity filled this morning. And then there was a call from our realtor stating that our counter-offer had been accepted, and me trying to sound excited through my numb mouth and grogginess. After the call, there was a flurry of inspection-scheduling.

Also, there is Porkchop being sick and vomiting many times today. There is my worry and concern and hoping she is better tomorrow.


1 comment:

AlePlattner said...

CONGRATS on the house! Looking forward to hearing more about it :-)
Hope Porkchop is feeling better today.
Will we be seeing you tomorrow at the Whitaker Fest?