Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Weekend of Good Things

Porkchop and I biked over to Tower Grove Park this morning and rode around the entire park, enjoying the trees in their autumn glory. As you can see, I'm in short sleeves. This weekend was unseasonably warm and led to a nice bike ride (yay!), but also to bad sinus headaches (murrrr!).

In addition to bike riding, we partook of the following this weekend:
  • The wedding of one of Porkchop's cousins.
  • A Hallowe'en party.
  • Dinner at Suzi's.
  • The time change.
For the Hallowe'en party, I was a severed head, and Porkchop was my UPS delivery person:

Ale and Mark hosted the party. They always have awesome costumes (see here for photos of past costumes), and this year they were ghosts...very dapper ghosts. Here's Ale and me:

Have a great Monday! Remember to vote on Tuesday!

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