Saturday, February 14, 2009

Never a Prettier Sight... peppers sprouting!

I sit and stare at these little guys for minutes at a time.

Also great are the little basils:

Not so great is that I've been suffering from some strong allergies. Murrrr. A doctor at the urgent care clinic suggested that it's the jet stream bring up pine tree stuff from Texas. I have no idea if this is correct at all, but I do have tree allergies.

I hate being allergic to things like trees because I love trees! My physical reaction to tree pollen does not accurately reflect the love I have for trees. Please don't judge me based on my allergies!

Last night, I sneezed and sniffled my way through Coraline. Even though my mind was hazy with allergies, I recognized the movie as awesome.

I have no segue for this:

A 12 lb pork shoulder. Currently marinating in the refrigerator for all-day cooking tomorrow.

When I ordered pork shoulder from Fair Shares, I didn't realize it would be the entire shoulder! I expected 3, maybe, 5 pounds. Although my mind reeled when I saw it, I tried to play it cool.

If the cooking goes well, we'll be rolling in pulled pork (hmm, that's kind of gross imagery...anyway, we'll have a lot for freezing and many dinners to come).

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Bianca said...

"we'll be rolling in pulled pork" That image is indeed a bit disturbing. Pulled pork is really yummy though. I hope your recipe turns our great. I also hope these stupid allergies go away soon. Maybe you can just wear a hospital mask every time you leave home. Hey, have Amanda draw a mouth on it and no one will notice ;-) Good to see you too on Friday - Coraline was great!