Friday, September 11, 2009

Grammarians Against Apostrophe Abuse

This is my new favorite t-shirt!
Because the iPhone camera leaves lots to be desired, I'll transcribe the text for you: Apostrophe's! Extra apostrophe's! Use 'em for plural's! One dollar!

It makes me happy. And it's from the Natalie Dee website (but drawn by someone else).

P.S. Tonight we go to Porkchop's 12-year graduation reunion (they missed the 10-year mark). It will be a small group, but it's large enough for me to be nervous. New people! Ack!


cj said...

Have you seen the Bob the Angry Flower comic on Apostrophe Abuse? I have a huge poster of it at my house. My recent internet searches for it bounced me to TDS, so I won't post a link. But google search. It's the best. Like you!

Rebekah said...

I am going to do my best so that I do not have to use an apostrophe while I type this. I hate them because I am foolish and have the hardest time using them properly. Forgive me. There. I did it!

Carrie said...

cj: Thanks for the suggestion! I also just found, which documents all sorts of apostrophe abuse.

Rebekah: Good job! You're not foolish; the world is just awash in misused apostrophes. Just remember the apostrophe's primary jobs: contraction and possession! There's a little Grammar Grater episode on it too:

Rebekah said...

Carrie, thanks for the link. I definitely have to listen to some of those. I WILL conquer this.

cj said...

found it.

not that you probably haven't found by now, just that I needed to look it up again and post on your blog.

plus also where is keetah these days?