Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Waiting Waiting Waiting

It's nearly 7:00.

When will the trick-or-treaters arrive?

I saw kids on the street in costume, but no one has stopped at my place yet.

I have my porch light on and a big bowl full of 96 pieces of candy....just waiting. Keetah and I even sat on our stairs for a bit so we would be ready for action. I've now started doing some straightening and other tasks, like signing up for e-statements from our bank.



Porkchop said...

I'm sorry that Montana Street isn't the hot spot for trick-or-treaters. They probably went over to the Tower Grove area for bigger candy bars.

That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Ask the Knitorious folks what a complete goober I am about trick or treaters. I tend to frighten them off b/c I'm so excited to see them. At knit night, we only got 4.