Saturday, January 26, 2008

250 Worms, Please

Today has been a good day.

First, let me say that I stayed in my pajamas until 1:00. What, are you judging me because of that? You shouldn't because during that time, Porkchop and I ironed out the details (including most of the hotel reservations) of our trip in March. Over Porkchop's spring break, we're going to hit the road and go to Hesperus, CO, to visit one of my college roommates, then head over to Bryce and Zion National Parks, then hit the Grand Canyon's south rim, and then return to Albuquerque via Flagstaff and the Petrified Forest.

Yay for trips!

I also did lots of straightening and dish washing while in my pajamas. Also, I did my taxes last night...have you?

After Finally Putting on Real Clothes
I went out and bought 250 red wigglers!

This is a project I haven't written about because I didn't know if I could go through with it, but I'm happy to report that I'm now composting with worms! So awesome!

Porkchop is the one who initially researched vermiculture and convinced me that it would work. She also built a one-cubic-foot wormbin last weekend.

Here's the bin full of wet newspaper bedding and some dirt from my backyard:

Here are the worm containers:

I bought the worms at Paul's Bait and Tackle Shop on Chippewa. The owner and the other staff are really nice and are accustomed to people buying composting worms. Paul's Bait and Tackle is the only independently owned bait shop in St. Louis that still sells worm. It seems that Wal-Mart has taken over that market. So help Paul's shop stay in business for another 49 years and buy your worms there!

Here are the worms in their little containers:

And here are the worms in the bin!

I'll let you know how this works out! My only concern is that I need more worms and a bigger bin for all of the fruit and vegetable scraps that I produce (and tea bags...worms love tea bags).

After setting up the compost bin, I took my recycling to the center at Carondelet Park. I think I accidentally put some items that are considered cardboard in the paper bin. I hope I didn't ruin that whole batch of recyclables.

Food for Me
I gave Sappington Farmer's Market another chance this evening; I was still quite disappointed. The only Missouri-raised product that I could find was beef. They have a lot of Missouri grass-fed beef....which is great if you like beef. Not so great if you want Missouri squash.

So who knows from whence my acorn squash and yam came. I still bought them and roasted them and enjoyed them along with a porkchop.

I enjoy this combination of acorn squash and yams or sweet potatoes roasted with chili powder so much, it is obscene.

Hmmm....I didn't make as much progress as I anticipated this week. I only worked on my Tilted Duster on Monday and Wednesday night. For most of this week, I suffered from a twitchy right eye, so I thought I should rest it when I could...which meant no knitting.

I hope to finish the sleeves tomorrow morning. I'm done with the increase section and can now start the decreases.

Have a great Sunday!


Beth D said...

Wow, way to go on the worm composting! Very impressive! When I worked at ABC Labs I had free access to red worms and yet never undertook this project. I guess cause i always had great outdoor composting possibilities. Where are you keeping your worm box? p.s. dead worms smell gross.

Carrie said...

Yeah, Paris Court composting rocked.

The worm box is in the basement so that it will stay in the preferred temperature range.

I had a dead worm on Sunday - so sad - hopefully it will decompose quickly. But the other worms seem to be thriving!