Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yarn Impatience

The yarn for my Tilted Duster is still on its way.

Oh, the waiting!!

Ah well, I need to finish another Packers hat for Patrick, Porkchop's Tamarind buddy. It will be just like Porkchop's, only in reverse colors. And bigger. The way Porkchop tells it, Patrick's head is the most enormous thing ever.

I like the pattern I use for the earflap hats, but the size 13 needles kill my hands. Also, Cascade Lana Grande starts to feel like twine after a few rounds.


bek said...

Good luck with the giant hat! Seems like a project that's right up your alley :) And hope that the Duster yarn arrives soon!

cj said...

why do 13s hurt your hands? Am I using mine incorrectly? Mine don't hurt my hands. hmm.

Carrie said...

Needles 13 and larger make my hands cramp.

I think it's just me. Needles shouldn't hurt, right? :)

cj said...

not unless you impale yourself on them. which I did on my metal size 1s a few weeks ago. Right in the thigh. don't ask. just know: owie.

Carrie said...


Yeah...I've heard a few stories from other people regarding impalement.

Hmmm...at least it was metal and not wood.