Monday, January 26, 2009

This City Stinks

No, seriously, the city stinks!

It's been stinking since yesterday and no one knows why!

It was especially foul this morning. I didn't think it could get any worse as when we drove past the Ronnoco plant on 40, and the stink mixed in with the burnt coffee smell. But! Then I got out of the car at work and nearly fell over from the grossness.


Maybe the snow and ice will clear the air??


Bianca said...

Yes, I've been smelling that since Saturday. It's really, really stinky. I thought that maybe something had died under my car hood, but then Mark sent me this same article. I'm amazed they still don't know what it is.

Beth D said...

Describe this smell to me...

That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

A friend of mine thought that it might have been from the earthquake that happened around then.