Friday, December 11, 2009

Knitters Shut it Down

Last month, the much-anticipated coffee/beer joint Foam opened after more than a year of waiting. Last night was billed as "craft night," so Porkchop and I went with projects in hand (knitting for me, card folding for her). Including us, the crafters totaled a mere five, but it was still enjoyable. The other three were also knitters, and one lives only a few blocks away. It was great to meet some new knitters, even if they are in their early 20s and made me feel rather aged. Anyway, we shut down Foam in awesome knitterly fashion, and I hope Foam continues the craft nights.

This Foam thing might be dangerous. It is only a block away and open until 10 on weeknights. Soooo easy to take the short walk and spend money on yummy drinks.


cj said...

what are you working on now? Those fair isle mittens? I've been a fair isle and faux isle addict for the past several months...check out the seahorse mittens on ravelry! I used the chart to make a hat. In other news--i STILL have a zine for porkchop to mail (two yrs later).

That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

oooh, when is craft night? I'm planning on stopping by there on Friday after a gig.