Saturday, December 01, 2007

Feeling Blechy

Last night was the culmination of Africa Week at my school, so I stuck around for a few hours after work for trivia, food, and a West African dance troupe.

The dancing was terrific, the trivia interesting (also shocking to learn that many of our grad students don't know the oceans between which Africa is located!), and the food tasty. However, one of the dishes apparently caused my stomach to become disgruntled.

So, knowing that my stomach was in a delicate state, I of course had half of a roasted acorn squash and part of a sweet potato for lunch today. And then I went ahead and had a small dish of gelato this afternoon because I was set on checking out the new gelato place on Grand.

So...I'm feeling pretty gross right now.

However, I'm hungry for dinner. Maybe popcorn.

Some Knitting
Here's where I'm at on my Interlocking Balloons scarf:

I know it seems like it's going slowly, but I'm also working on secret projects, one of which I finished last night.

Such projects will only appear on Ravelry due to their top-secret nature (on Ravelry? My username is carrielee).

Some Football Watching
I have the Mizzou-OSU game on right now.


Because I'm the biggest football fan ever? It's because Porkchop is at the game. In San Antonio. Tonight.

I'm hoping they will show her in a crowd sweep.

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