Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Have You Seen these Needles?

After knitting tonight, I was uploading to Ravelry the blue Steam Scarf that I made last winter when I thought, "Where ARE those number 5 Crystal Palace needles?"

It's official, I've apparently lost a set of needles! I keep all of my straight needles in the case Porkchop made for me last year. I have Crystal Palace 10s and 3s, but no 5s. And, while I have a few projects in progress, none of them are on those needles. Murrr!

I'm not happy at all about this and will have to conduct a full search this weekend.

Updated to add:

I Have Lost my Mind
My Interlocking Balloons scarf is living on the 5s!

Ha ha...don't mind me here...just routing through my knitting box and cursing for the fun of it.

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