Friday, March 07, 2008

Look at these Things

I have sprouts!

Fourteen out of forty-seven are sprouting...with more to come, hopefully.

Here are some hats that I've been working on...

The Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap, shown here from two angles:

The pattern calls for ties, but I think I will leave them off because they could be a choking hazard, they could just be chewed upon by the baby, and I'm lazy.

Here's a shot of the Foliage hat in Malabrigo Sealing Wax (pretty!):

And this hat is less interesting photo-wise and knit-wise. It has been my bus knitting - I even did a Russian join on it this morning while riding the bus! The Cousteau hat:

My downstairs neighbors are playing super loud music right now. I kind of hate them right now because I want to go to sleep. But I'm trying to be yoga-like and not let it bother me. But I really do wish their stereo would break and that their pot would turn into dirt.


Porkchop said...

Yay! Plants and hats! I'm glad to see you're keeping busy without me there to entertain you.

Also, sorry about the stupids downstairs.

Carrie said...

Yeah, they are stupid.

AlePlattner said...

The hats look great. I'm tempted to knit the Foliage one... so perrrrty!
A Russian join? What's that? Almost sounds like what your neighbors must be smoking ;-)

Carrie said...

Ha! You're right....Russian join does sound suspiciously like something else. It's a crazy way of joining yarn - found it on Knitting Help.

You *should* make a foliage. It is pretty and knits up quite quickly. I'll probably make one for myself later.

Michelle said...

All your hat photos are making me itch to cast on for one myself...

Carrie said...

I think we'll still have some hat-wearing weather this winter/spring.

Make the Foliage! Super quick!

cj said...

I am also working on the Cousteau hat! In pretty pink on size twos. Which makes it a for serious baby hat.

OMG Russian Join. How come I never used it before? Oh. Because I rip everything out once before I let myself finish.