Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'm thinking about ripping out my unfinished Icarus to make a Muir. I can see myself wearing a Muir more so than an Icarus.

I want to make Companion Bakery's Grilled Cheese Thursday someday. Soon. But probably not tomorrow.

I bought red bean ice cream at Jay International Foods on Monday. The good news: they finally carry red bean ice cream. The bad news: it's $7.95. If I had seen the price before buying it, I probably wouldn't have. Tomorrow night: red bean smoothie.

My tomato plants are growing quite nicely...partly due to Suzi's careful sprout tending during my vacation. I hope they don't die now.

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s00zi said...

I totally want Grilled Cheese for dinner now. I have to pick a little something up for my own Dinner tonight because everyone else will be having Scallops (ew!)
I have been debating all day what I should "pick-up". . . and now I'm thinking that it shouldn't be a Burrito - but, rather a Grilled Cheese.