Friday, September 19, 2008

Knit Knit Knitting

I am excited for knitterly things again.

This weekend, I intend to purchase yarn for and start a February Lady sweater. I wish I could buy yarn NOW and start knitting NOW.

I'm also still working on my log cabin stash blanket, and I've started a hat for a co-worker's toddler. The hat is being made out of guilt. I started a sweater for the baby shower and didn't finish it in time, and now - were the sweater finished - the kid would be too big for it. Since it's a guilt hat, it's being made out of very nice Dream in Color Classy.

I also look forward to making a couple more Sweet Baby Caps because they are so darn cute! This time, when I make the baby caps, I'll also make coordinating Saartje Bootees because they are also the cutest.

Oh, and there are so many other things to knit, now that the weather is cooling off a bit.


Beth D said...

OMG, that sweater is too cute!

Robin said...

I started Feb. Lady earlier this week. I'm using plain ol' red Cascade 220 with silver buttons. So far, it's a fun knit.