Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That Just Beats All

I was just perusing my statcounter (BTW, "how to cancel GAP card" is still the biggest hit), and I noticed a visitor from Wasilla, Alaska.

Wasilla, Alaska!

A town the name of which I wouldn't have given much thought previously. But now it sets off all sorts of alarms and bells and whistles.

Wasilla, Alaska.


Robin said...

Uh oh ... Palin's people are scouting enemies!

My husband has a cousin who lives in Wasilla. I wish I knew her beyond our annual Christmas card exchange because I'd love to pick her brain right now.

My blog got a bunch of hits from the U.S. Justice Department in the week before the 2004 election. Freaked me out.

Carrie said...

A direct connection to Wasilla! I would definitely call up the cousin and ask for the low down.