Monday, September 01, 2008

A Come-What-May Day

I wish all of my weekends were of the 3-day variety. This holiday weekend hasn't been particularly exciting, but the extra day makes the thing feel complete.

First, let me tell you that I did a ton of laundry this weekend. Many, many loads. I wanted to get everything washed and start fresh with empty hampers. For example, I washed a small rug that has been in the hamper for over a year. Embarrassing? Yes. But clean now? Also yes.

I've also eaten nearly half of a batch of brownies. Do I love brownies so much? Yes. Am I tired of them yet? No.

This weekend also saw some yarn activity. I worked more on the neverending interlocking balloons scarf (seriously, am I the slowest knitter on this?), as well as my log cabin blanket. While putting away some clean clothes in my dresser, I spied a knitted kerchief and a hat that I never wear, so I ripped out the two items. I wound the yarn into hanks, soaked them, and hung them up to dry. Now I have my favorite Dream in Color yarn and some Manos del Uruguay for the blanket! I hope they dry quickly.

My left hip is killing me today. I think I blew it out during yoga yesterday. Ugh. Also, my abs are so sore, I can't turn over in bed without yelping in pain.

So, no yoga today. Only gentle stretching and yard work.

Oh, the yard work.

I ripped out some very invasive vines and plants that had taken over the area between the retaining wall and our neighbor's fence. During this process, I learned there is a drainage channel that empties from the bottom of the retaining wall into our yard. The water then runs down towards our garage.

The joys of a sloping yard, let me tell you.

Since this is very bad for the garage foundation, I think we need to install a pipe from the drainage channel and direct it out towards the alley (yes, I know the water should go back into the ground, but this sloping yard makes it quite challenging).

As for the water, I don't know where the hell it's coming from. It was gushing out this morning. It doesn't make sense to me, especially given that it hasn't rained recently. I'm a bit concerned, but I'm trying to not get super agitated about it at the moment. My hunch is that it's coming from the neighbor's yard, but I don't know if that makes sense either.

While inspecting the effects of the deluge, I found a big nest of slugs. A big undulating nest of sliminess.

Of course, my biggest concern regarding the slugs is about what will happen when I plant a garden. I'm already imagining slugs over everything.

After stumbling upon the slug nest, I decided to cut my yard work a bit short and take the refuse to the yard waste dumpster. During my first trip, my eye caught the eye of a sketchy-looking guy hanging out at the dumpster behind the corner bar (which is across the side street).

This little encounter made me abandon the other two big piles of refuse and retire to the house. Enough excitement for one morning.

I am now trying to erase from my mind the image of all of those slugs. And I'm contemplating unpacking a box or two.


Anonymous said...

My mother used to put out yogurt containers with cheap beer in them in the garden. The slugs would be attracted to the scent and then drown in the beer. In addition to keeping slugs out of the garden, this also deterred me from ever wanting to drink throughout my teen years, since I then associated beer with slugs.


Also, I too have a blanket which has been in the laundry basket for about a year and a half now. It will get washed someday, I'm sure.

Amy in StL said...

What about installing a rain garden instead of piping the water? You can google it but essentially it's a depressional area that is planted with water loving plants that will soak up a lot of the water.

Carrie said...

A rain garden is a terrific idea!

I'm also thinking that perhaps we could collect the water in a basin and use it to water other parts of the yard.

But I definitely like the rain garden suggestion.