Friday, October 17, 2008

An Explanation

In the previous post's comments, Porkchop references a giant roof-sized McCain-Palin sign.

We actually saw a sign like this on Fyler between Watson and Jamieson. It was HUGE. And on the roof. And they had a giant yard sign.

My only thought is, why?

Why do you need a sign that big? We have a tasteful little Obama-Biden yard do most normal people.

Anyway, if I lived near that house, I would definitely devise a route to avoid it.

On a related note, I hope everyone goes to the Obama rally tomorrow!! The last time I went to a political rally was in 2000. And it was a Bush rally! And Katie and Beth and I were protesting!


Bianca said...

Mark and I are thinking of going. What time are you girls heading out there? and driving or metro?

Beth D said...

OMG! That was soooo long ago, when we were new friends even!

Remember this?

Older Feminist: What does your sign say?

Me: (laughing) Lesbians for Bush!

Older Feminist: Honey, you are voting for the wrong man.

Me: Uh...yeah, its a joke.

They didn't get our absurd joke. nobody did....

And then we got called "Gore Whores" and "Freaks" by the Bush fans after holding pro-women signs with the older feminists.

Remember how we got a ride with that old Republican running the golf carts from parking to the rally? He thought you and I were young boys or something..That was a weird, weird day.

I am soooo glad we are friends! I have pictures of that day somewhere I'll send you.



Carrie said...

Beth - I remember that day vividly!! We made signs at Main Squeeze!

I loved the old Dem ladies...even if they didn't understand us. I guess they weren't in a joking mood.

Those old Republican men are NASTY, folks, NASTY. The things that they said...

I am also super-glad we're friends!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited you got to go to a rally! 100,00+

And to theorize why Mc/P supporters need big signs---hmmm these are probably the same folks who have huge lift-kits or compensate for something they feel they are lacking!