Friday, April 03, 2009

Do Not Compromise

The Iowa news started me thinking about a conversation I had with a co-worker after the VP debates in October. I was complaining about how Biden was being totally unclear and weak about the gay marriage issue, and my co-worker said something like, "well, it seems like there should be some sort of compromise. I mean, if there isn't gay marriage, maybe there could be something else."

I looked at her with mouth agape as she nattered on about how you can't always have the full deal at the beginning, but maybe compromise is the way to start.

Let me be totally clear: I WILL NOT COMPROMISE.

As long as one group of people can have a certain set of rights, I will not settle for something branded under a different name with different rights specified.


It's easy to suggest compromise when you're in the group that has FULL RIGHTS!

A lot of people ask if Porkchop and I have had a commitment ceremony and are often surprised to hear that we haven't. Y'all, a commitment ceremony doesn't mean a damn thing without the legal rights that accompany an officially recognized marriage. We are committed to each other already - we don't need a ceremony for it!

I'm not going to settle for a stupid-ass ceremony that won't do crap for me except maybe allow us presents like a mixer. A mixer doesn't stand up in court! A mixer won't give us legal protection over each other or tax benefits or parental rights!

I am glad for Iowa, and now I'm super-pissed at Missouri and the federal government and lots of other things. ARGH!


BethD said...


Anonymous said...

start with compromise and we'll end up back in prisons for being who we are. who the fuck is your coworker?!? anyways. Check out Knitta.

president of the Keetah fan club said...

ps that was me.

Carrie said...

Yeah, the coworker is someone who is usually pro-homo, but apparently doesn't fully get the equal rights thing.

Knitta? Going to look now.