Thursday, April 16, 2009

FB Complaining (Or, Jesus!)

Earlier this week, I finally joined Goodreads. I realized that I'm starting to forget what I've read, so I appreciate having a place to track my books.

But I know it will be only a few months until I stop updating my Goodreads account. Just like my Ravelry projects page, I imagine I will abandon it at some point.

With Goodreads, Ravelry, and Facebook, I'm starting to feel overstimulated and overexposed. And I don't even Tweet or Blip!

The main problem, I think, is Facebook. There are so many status updates, and many of them annoy me. But I can't just skip the annoying ones and move on! I read them and my blood pressure goes forehead frowns and I sigh.

So now I'm taking steps to alleviate the problem. If you only post about what your kid is doing, I've blocked you. Whenever you publish a quiz result, I block that quiz application (Hey people, do you know you don't have to publish your quiz result! I take quizzes without publishing my results because although I find it humorous to learn my Crayola crayon color is cornflower, I know other people don't give a rat's ass, and I don't want to overpopulate their homepage feed.) If you post updates every 5 minutes regarding what's happening on the Apprentice, I'm blocking you.

I only wish I could block ALL updates from some people. Because I don't really care if someone with whom I haven't spoken in 12 years becomes a fan of Jesus, yet it still shows up in the sidebar highlights feed.

Which brings me to a tangential point....

Jesus and God have Facebook pages.

I would like to know who took it upon themselves to make these pages...because I don't think it was divine creation.

Isn't that a bit presumptuous? Did someone ask WWJD, only to have the answer be "create a Facebook page"?

(By the way, God has more fans than Jesus. By nearly 300,000.)

Sometimes I think I should create a new Facebook account. To start fresh with people who are REALLY my friends and with whom I've had meaningful interactions, and leave the other account for all those people I never spoke to growing up and who have now donned rose-colored spectacles with which they view the past.

I wonder if Jesus and God feel the same way. Of course, they're probably a bit more forgiving than I am, a bit more ready to excuse others' transgressions and whatnot.


Bianca said...

Great post! I think you should start fresh and create a new account. How is this for a name? Mary Magdalene

Carrie said...

Ha! Love it! Will have to see if it's taken already...

BethD said...

2 words: fake name.

I cannot tell you how much better this will make your life. 1. you choose who to befriend. 2. you can still look for those old frinds and consider friending them and then say "naaaaah". No cousins, no highschool acquaintances, no problem -and you don't have to worry about super secure security settings because you don't really exist!

Carrie said...

Been Thenerd - you were so smart! What would my anagram be?

Porkchop created my FB account before the FB explosion happened. I had no idea such craziness would ensue.

Carrie said...

Here are my favorite anagram names:
American Freer (rather prophetic, right?)
Career Fireman
Came Iran Freer (also prophetic maybe)
Car Enema Firer
Race Mean Firer
Crane Fear Emir
Acne Ear Firmer
Cream Near Fire
Anemic Rear Ref

Anonymous said...

I don't "friend" people I do not want to be friends with. .

If I don't want you to know the Bits about my Life, I don't let you "in"

Kill me.