Thursday, February 07, 2008

Free-Floating Anxiety

Sometimes I'm anxious without knowing that I'm anxious.

Last night I had the following anxiety-ridden dreams:
  1. First, I dreamt that someone (most likely my downstairs neighbors) had knocked over my wormbin in the basement. Worms were making a run for it and escaping down the basement drain. I swore up a storm, which caused my neighbor to come down and tell me I was stupid for having worms. The good thing was that, once I righted the bin, the worms started coming back. Also, the worms were HUGE and a bit gross.
  2. I finished the skirt on my Duster (yay!), but when I tried it on, it didn't fit at all and looked horrible (damn!).

I hope neither dream comes true.

1 comment:

cj said...

was the tilted duster too small? it looked a bit little in your last pic. POST PICS!! I've always wanted to make the sitcom chic cardi from, but it's not asymmetrical.