Saturday, February 02, 2008

Knitting the Night Away

While Porkchop is hanging out in Denver tonight, I've been watching old home movies and knitting. I feel quite fortunate that my parents had a movie camera in the 60s and 70s, so I'm able to see and hear my grandparents and other now deceased relatives.

My favorite segment in the movies is my parents when they were probably around 26 or 27. They're wearing cowboy boots and hats (non-ironically for my dad), and my dad is twirling a handgun around in his hand (um, I know - I think it belonged to my dad's dad because he's also in the scene, lounging on a car and smoking a cigarette). The best part is when my mom pretends to kick my dad with her boots. Seriously, it's hilarious.

I also love seeing my dad hop onto horses and ride them around bareback. It always takes me a second to remember that he grew up with his own horse.

Anyway, I've also been knitting. Here was the duster this morning:

After consulting with Rebecca, I decided to do fake grafting. Okay, these aren't the best seams around because, for one thing, I think I was drawing my yarn incorrectly during part of it. But, they are okay...see:

Obviously, I need some more practice. The other things that messed up the neatness were the decreases and bound off edges on the shoulders.

Here's what Keetah thinks of the duster:

Yes, a bit desperate for attention, aren't we:

After the photo shoot, I had brunch at La Dolce Via and knitted a few more rows. Then, I went to Knitorious to pick up a size 10 Addi, buttons to finish my headigan, and yarn for my next project (a super cute baby hat!).

My next stop was Home Eco, where I picked up some Biokleen spray cleaner. Home Eco is a great little store! With the cleaners, you can take in your empty cleaner and fill it up from a big bucket made from concentrate. So, you can reuse your cleaner bottle AND receive 20% off. Deal!

I also picked up a new lunch container. Next week, I'll start using this instead of Ziploc containers:

Shiny, eh?

Using this means I have to take a plate and bowl to work (because the metal is non-microwaveable, of course), which means I'll stop heating up my meals in Ziploc containers.

No more ingesting toxic plastic compounds! Yay!

Okay, kids, it's been a long day and I'm tired. Good night!

PLEASE pet me is what Keetah says.


cj said...

Keetah is looking trim!

And that lunch kit is hott. hott. hott.

bek said...


Your fake grafting looks good! I think that it's my favorite method because it's so much less fussy than real grafting :) Hope that the duster skirt is coming along quickly too!

Carrie said...

CJ - You're right that the lunch kit is hott, but Keetah's apparent trimness is due more to my photographic technique than her actual physique!

Bek - Thanks for the encouragement! The skirt is going well...I just have to keep motivated.