Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Parents can be Frustrating

Thanks for the well wishes for my mom!

She went home yesterday and is super-tired and still apparently having vomiting spells.

In a brief email, my dad mentioned that one of the doctors said it might be an e. coli infection. My dad noted that my mom didn't want him to mention this to us kids so as to not upset us.

So frustrating on many counts!

First, I'm more upset (angry, even) when my parents don't offer full disclosure. Secondly, I'm frustrated that the doctors are so vague and that my parents don't demand more information. Thirdly, I'm here and can't pump the doctor for more information (as a sidenote....when I asked the doctor at the hospital if my mom would be receiving anti-nausea meds in addition to antibiotics, the doctor said to me, "hey, I'm working here." WTF? I was going to respond with something equally snarky, but you know, my mom was lying there in pain.)

In other news, the collar of my duster is done. I just need to add buttons and figure out how to attach the sleeves.

Also, I went to a yoga class last night and felt good when I could do crow and side crow while others struggled with the poses. And then I felt bad for feeling good. But, I have this yoga-at-home complex thing. Like I must not be as advanced as people who go to classes regularly.


Anonymous said...

Medical Goodies.

In many ways, I am still upset that my Da wasn't more proactive when it came to finding out what was causing the "problems" . . well before we knew it was Cancer.

I have resolved to chalk it up to generational differences - as he was of that Era of Patients who listen to what the Doctors say regardless of whether their Questions are answered. I have a feeling your Parents do this. And it is frustrating.

Also, I think "Full Disclosure" is in the Parental Handbook under "Things you Don't do Until your Kids are Adults" And, unfortunately for most of us, our Parents are never truly capable of viewing us as Adults. Even when we're 30 years old. Even more frustrating.

On a side note, I think we are going to try to set up our Worm Bin this Week. Also, Garden talking is going on and I'm excited. What are you interested in tending?

Beth D said...

Our generation has a lot more medical information available to us then our parents ever did. Growing up I remember we had a Medical Encyclopedia in the house but that was it. Now we have every medical condition and symptoms neatly explained and illustrated via numerous websites. Nobody could really say what was going on with my grandfather's cancer treatment and I was glad to get to attend one of his doctor's visits and "translate" for my family. Now I get to be the one doing the haranguing as I nag them about heart check ups and cholesterol management. I had to have a care-frontation with my mom when she alluded to health problems that she had "forgot" to tell me so that I wouldn't worry. But I guess it could be worse, ask Katie about her mom's two heart-attacks. At least your mom isn't making things up for dramatics!