Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Breaking Records

While people in the Olympics are breaking all sorts of world records, Amanda and I are breaking records like Most Time Ever Required to Unpack and Fastest Growing Grass Ever and Most Edging Needed Ever.

Amanda and her younger brother like to team up to compete for Most Pop Tarts Eaten in 24 Hours Ever. Meanwhile, their dad has broken Most Soda Consumed in 3 Hours Ever. All together, they dominate in Most Junk "Food" Ever Consumed in Our House.

But, seriously, could the Olympics be at a more inconvenient time? I'm trying to unpack things, but I get caught up in swimming and synchronized diving and gymnastics. Last night, my heart broke for Alicia Sacramone! Poor thing!

Currently, Amanda is in love with Michael Phelps...which kind of weirds me out. But, whatever floats your swimming fins, you know.

Before getting sucked into the Olympics last night, I edged for an hour and a half. And I only completed half of our rather short walkway in the back yard. Before edging, the sidewalk was only 6 inches wide. After edging is completed, it will be regular width.

During edging, I learned that a lot of insects live in our yard. For example, ants had apparently established an egg laying ground on part of the overgrown sidewalk. When I pulled back the dirt and grass from that part, thousands of eggs were exposed, and the ants went flipping nuts. While it was impressive to see the ants get to work and move the eggs, I was little weirded out by it.

Sorry, ants, but that's the sidewalk!

Also, a squirrel destroyed my potted tomato plant. But that's okay because I had already harvested all of its tomatoes. And now I know what I will be up against next year.

Also, I found two little moth larvae near my sweaters, and moth fear has struck me! Currently, my woolen items are residing in the freezer.

Tonight is my CSA pickup, and it looks great! I also ordered some flank steak. We will eat well this week!

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