Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Food Things

In addition to the CSA and our regular menu planning at home, my life is revolving around food this week.

Since yesterday afternoon, I've been perusing the catering menu for the Chase Park Plaza...trying to decide what to order for a conference in November.

Today, a co-worker treated a few of us to lunch at the U-City Grill. It does serve breakfast diner food, but it is also a Korean diner. I had the bibimbob, which was pretty good. Maybe I'll try the hash browns next time!

An hour ago, a co-worker and I went to the university catering tasting, which is always a big fancy affair with items like duck, lamb, trout, shrimp, other tasty things, and an open bar. Also, we were given a big jar to fill up with candy on the way out the door. The candy is for Amanda. Because I'm apparently a junk food enabler.

Tomorrow night is a staff/faculty dinner, which I didn't want to go to, but my supervisor says I should. The food had better be good because I normally don't enjoy such functions.

All for now!

Oh wait! And this morning was the monthly birthday celebration, so there was fruit and cake to start the day (but I only had fruit).

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Anonymous said...

I <3 the U City Grill. I consider the owners to be my GMa and GPa. But, I hear they are rarely there anymore.

I'm a Bulgoki fan.