Friday, September 01, 2006


The Juice Lady has been one of my favorite birthday presents from my parents (they had hints and help), but I've been neglecting her lately. So, at WF, I picked up some juicing materials. Last night, I made my favorite: beet-orange-carrot-ginger juice. Known as the Ring of Fire in some circles.

Here's the prep work:

Juice Prep

Of course, the photo doesn't show the true beauty of the beet. Sigh.

Here's the final product:


Again, our camera didn't capture the color gradations in the glass. Murrrr.

It was much prettier than that.

I should have used another orange, but it was still tasty.

Before I started making the rosemary-citrus cookies, I realized that the dough had to freeze 4 hours to overnight before baking.

Darn! Why can't I pay attention to the details?!

Porkchop agreed to cook the cookies today. So we mixed up the batter last night. I'm so intrigued: rosemary (and lots of it), lemon zest, and cornmeal.

Should be interesting.

For a holiday!

Wish I was getting a paid holiday. But it's still nice.

Have a great weekend! And drive safely if you're out on the road!


Porkchop said...

I hope that you don't have red poop.

Carrie said...


No, I don't think I ingested enough beet material for *that* to happen.

No colon cancer scares here.