Saturday, September 23, 2006

Neighborhood Beats

Hi y'all. I love my neighborhood, I really do, but today's festival in the park across the street is quite distracting. I was enjoying the Tejano music, but it seems that a different band is playing that relies on more bass than fun singing.

I wish the park's website had a comprehensive calendar of events. Instead, various festivals and concerts just seem to happen. Today is much better than the summer Saturdays, which often consist of bad "classic rock" cover bands. Blech.

Wait....why is "Wake up Little Susie" playing?? That's not Tejano.'s what I've been up to...

Before I left work, I was pulled into helping fake a work meeting for a group of documentary filmmakers from Hong Kong. Seriously. The filmmakers were documenting the center's role in helping develop IDAs (individual development accounts) in rural China. They needed some B-roll footage, so whoever was left at 4:45 got to pretend like we were having an important conference.

I guess I could end up on the cutting room floor, or I could be seen by a (probably) limited audience in China.

Work work work. Went to bed super-early to compensate for the paltry amount of sleep I've been allowing myself lately.

Before going to bed, cried from laughing so much during the season opener of The Office. Porkchop and I got such a kick out of it, but in retrospect, I wonder if non-gay watchers found it funny for the same reasons. Anyway, I loved the ending.

New employee orientation at work! The best part: free lunch!

Did you know that Wash U's School of Social Work (where I now work) is rated second in the nation? It is. This makes me feel good.

Friday afternoon was crazy busy for me, since I had to cram a day's worth of work into 2.5 hours.

After work, Porkchop and I met for dinner and then went to see Little Miss Sunshine. Wow, what's with Steve Carell and the gay themes lately (LMS and The Office episode previously mentioned)? We thought the movie was fantastic. Yay! I loved how the family really rallied around Olive.

In order to avoid the Sunday afternoon blues, I've already done my laundry for next week and straightened the apartment. I'm hoping that, by switching up my routine, I'll actually enjoy Sunday instead of dreading the work week. So, I've mainly done business things today - exercise, dishes, cleaning, and laundry.

I'm also waiting for my friends BD and BP to arrive from Columbia. We're having dinner and then going to hear Amy Goodman (of Democracy Now) talk at the Ethical Society of St. Louis. Should be good stuff.

Soozi and I are going to Six Flags to visit Porkchop at the caricature booth. All employees receive at least 2 passes for family/friends, and since the passes expire October 1, we decided we should make a point to use them.

After riding a few rides, Soozi and I are then going to pick apples at Eckert's. Then we'll probably do some baking. With our freshly picked apples, of course.

Knitting Note
I really want to make the Steek Vest from Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop, but Porkchop has issued an edict: no personal knitting until I make holiday presents for my sister and mom. *Sigh*

But back to the Steek Vest. Instead of calling it a "vest," I prefer to call it a "sleeveless sweater" because I generally abhor sweater vests. They are totally fine on other people, but I think I would have flashbacks to the 80s preppy styles if I wore a sweater vest. Sweater vests make me think of blonde-haired guys named Steve decked out in loafers and pleated pants. So, to circumvent these issues, I am calling the Steek Vest the Steek Sleeveless Sweater. I want to knit it because I think it looks fun, and I think it would be a good first step to sweater-making. Because, you know, I'll actually have to check my gauge, which (ssshhh!) I've never done before! Ack!

Loop-d-Loop has another sleeveless sweater that I want to make sometime, too. It looks all outer spacey with a slit-neck and a high collar. It think it was inspired by Victorian clothing, but it looks more like something from Star Trek to me. Anyway, that sleeveless sweater will have to wait until after the Steek Vest (I mean, Sleeveless Sweater). Must work up to things.

Speaking of outer spacey knitted items, check out this website for Skif International. Can you believe these freaking cool clothes are designed over in The Hill??! My next mission: save up some money and go to the Skif store.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!

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ken said...

Little Miss Sunshine was amazing. The best movie we have seen in a long time and we got to see it in a great non-chain local theater where there was a mish-mash of seating options. We sat on more of a sofa/bench type arrangement in the back. And there was good popcorn which stood in as my dinner that night.
And of course the movie was great, too. It's the type of movie though that makes you a little melancholy because you know the next time you go to see or rent a movie it won't be as good and you'll find yourself saying "I just wish I could watch a movie like LMS." And it makes you feel bad for the other movies out there that will never ever measure up.