Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday Morning Awkwardness

So, I just had to explain to a few people here at my workplace that, even though today was to be my first official day here, on Monday, September 11, I will be starting a different position. I feel kind of mean, but I didn't receive the new offer until this past Friday, after 4:00!

The new place is paying me a bit less, but it offers:
  • Domestic partner benefits.

  • Twenty-two days paid vacation.

  • Twelve sick days.

  • After a year, free undergrad and 50% off grad tuition for me. For domestic partners, 50% off undergrad. And, after 7 years, free tuition for children (not that I require this now).

Plus, the staff members sound really excited for me to work for them. Excited about me!

It makes me feel so special.

Hopefully, they will still like me after the 6-month probation period.

I still can't get over the vacation policy. Twenty-two days! For those of you who work in the private business sector, you know what I'm talking about! It takes most people 5 years to get 20 days. Crazy!

More updates later about our Labor Day excursion to Arkansas, with a side trip to Memphis.

Have a great Tuesday!


Porkchop said...


I'm glad this went okay. I was worried that you might throw up on them.

Carrie said...

No throwing up.

But I'm glad I chose to wear a black shirt today. Sweaty armpits.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! congratulations! i am soo glad you got the job and the place looks really cool. oh it is really really wonderful!!


getinmymouthstuff said...


Carrie--I'm so freaking happy for you! This place looks great. And by looks, I mean the ten seconds I spent on the website!

:) I still haven't finished your yellow felted bag. Ha. Sheepish. ha.