Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mistaken Messages

Within the past 24 hours, I have received the following messages, obviously intended for someone else:
  • A text message reading "hola tio."

  • An email message thanking me (or rather, Christena) for my interest in Campus Crusade for Christ and informing me of an upcoming informational meeting for potential student leaders.

I also received one message that I wish had been intended for someone mom telling me that my sister's boyfriend (of nearly 3 years) had recently suffered a nervous breakdown. He's a biomedical engineering PhD student under a lot of pressure to write up his research. On Friday, he jubilantly told my sister that he had "finally done it"...finally solved some sort of mathematical equation that he had been working on for some time. When my sister asked to see his work, he showed her 7 pages on which he had written "I've finally solved it" over and over and over.

This makes me cry. I'm worried about him, my sister, and the frailty of us all.

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