Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Dear Gentle Readers,

I am still not feeling well - perhaps it was a dairy overload or perhaps it was overexposure to the cold air on Saturday. Since I am resting on the couch, my kind secretary Porkchop is taking dictation for this post.

Last night, Porkchop and I went to the Blues game against the Sharks. Here we are in our Plaza level seats. Note that, while I look happy, I am still not feeling well.

Even though Bill Guerin delivered a hat trick, it was not enough to overcome the Sharks. The Blues had plenty of opportunities to tie up the game during the last minute, and even though they did not succeed, we still enjoyed the game.

Porkchop especially enjoyed getting a free case of Wild Cherry Pepsi, even though she does not drink it. I think her recent Mountain Dew cessation program has driven her to desperate measures.

Responses to Comments

I have enjoyed reading your many recent comments and I have been wanting to respond to them. Unfortunately, my work has been quite busy and cutting into my blog time. So, I will address your comments briefly now.

  • Robin: Thank you for your sock knitting encouragement. I also made a pair of fetching mitts, so I must also have the necessary sock knitting skills, right? I will look at patterns and yarn, so I'm sure it will take me another three months to make a final decision.

  • djeh_b: Thai Pizza Company is on Eastgate off of Delmar. If you look through the Riverfront Times Restaurant Guide, you'll find a PDF of the Thai Pizza Company menu. One of my co-workers swears by it and supposedly goes there a couple of times a week.

  • Val: I'm so glad you like my recipe posts. I hope you are using and enjoying the recipes!

  • getinmymouthstuff: I'm glad you appreciate nattering.

My apologies for my absence and for my brevity. I must go now to finish the dairy products that I'm eating, and to rest.


getinmymouthstuff said...

God that green hat is amazing. If you lived here still, I'd ask you to put it on so I could look at you in it. Without being creepy. Because it sounds a little creepy when I re-read it.

I'm glad you responded to comments, because it makes me feel like we're having a conversation, even though I can't manage to connect with you beyond this blog. Ug. E-mail.

much love to you and secretary porkie


Carrie said...

For the first few weeks after finishing the hat, I would put it on and look at it in a mirror. Or touch it.

So I don't think you're creepy.

Yeah, email sucks.