Friday, February 02, 2007


I have a complicated relationship with yogurt.

I would rather eat earwax than choke down the yogurt found in most grocery stores. Dannon, Yoplait...yuck, yuck, yuck.

When I spent a summer in Europe (too long ago in 1998), the yogurt door was flung open. Yogurt drinks - yum! Crazy yogurt flavors like hazelnut - double yum!

Seeing yogurt's good side, I tried it again in the States and realized the problem is that the yogurt I enjoyed in Europe was thinner and much smoother than the thick nasty stuff passing as yogurt here.

So began my yogurt quest. Because I enjoy nothing more than a food quest, especially one that will go unfulfilled for years and provide much fodder for complaining.

On the yogurt drink side, my quest ended once Stonyfield Farms introduced their line. Stonyfield Farm's line of full-fat yogurt is pretty good too, but I find that only vanilla truffle is truly worth my time.

Trader Joe's yogurt, even the low-fat kind, is also quite superb. Yum yum yum!

This brings me to why I write today....

Oh, Greek yogurt, how much do I love you? So much! Especially with honey.

Even though Greek yogurt is a bit thick, it's thick in a good creamy way, not a fake yucky way. Yum!

I am, however, a bit puzzled by the "Suggestion" printed on the Fage (pronounced Fa-yeh! according to the label) package. It reads, "Please Do Not Stir."


I had already transferred the honey to the yogurt side and stirred it up vigorously.

Did I inadvertantly mess up the yogurt composition?

It was still tasty.

Other Things
Porkchop and I will be dining out Saturday night, and I'm trying to decide upon a restaurant.

I am full of indecision.

I want to try Stellina, but that would be more of a Saturday lunch place. Or dinner during the week.

I don't know if I want to try something different - like South American - or go somewhere like Atlas.

Luckily, we will have tonight and most of Saturday to decide.

Speaking of Saturday, I am for sure making the monthly winter Tower Grove farmer's market tomorrow. I missed it the past few months because I didn't realize it was only monthly.

That is all. Have a great weekend!

P.S. Porkchop made a potato and corn chowder with salmon last night. Quite tasty!

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Robin said...

Love love love the Greek yogurt with honey! I always stir mine.

Trader Joe's briefly had their own honey Greek yogurt. I used it to make pumpkin soup last fall.

Thanks for the head's up about TG Farmer's Market. I didn't get the newsletter and had no idea that it's tomorrow. We'll be there!