Monday, February 05, 2007

More About the Cold

When I'm feeling chilly, I check out the weather for Madison.

A high of 16 looks pretty good next to a high of 2. And last week, a high of 0 made me feel so much warmer.

Of course, as Porkchop pointed out, people in Wisconsin know how to heat things. And how to build foyers and entry-ways.

Our first apartment in Madison, all 600 square feet (or thereabouts) of it, had its own little entry-way with a heavy-ass door to keep out drafts.

And radiators, oh my, how I love radiators.

That's all...I'll say nary a word about the cold from here on out.


Porkchop said...

Even with all the cold, I'd still rather be in Madison.

Carrie said...

Yeah...Madison is closer to friends. And hockey.

But the restaurant scene had become boring, as did the job scene.