Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fortunate Fortunes

Porkchop and I dined at Mekong tonight, and these are the fortunes we received respectively.

This all makes sense.

We were at Mekong because Porkchop was waiting for me after my haircut finished at Salon St. Louis. She was waiting for me because she had opened a letter from the Tamarind Institute and left the apartment running. Luckily the salon is nearby.

Yay! Porkchop has been accepted to Tamarind's printer training program!!!

Of course, this leaves us with complicated decisions. I think I'll be staying in St. Louis. I mean, I really want to have 22 days of vacation, and I like where I work. The training program is just 9 months...2 years if one is accepted into the master printer program (which Porkchop surely will be if she applies).

We'll see about these things.

Oh, and my fortune...I think it means I should go back to vegetarianism, which I've been considering for the last couple of weeks.

We'll also see about that.

Have a good night!

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getinmymouthstuff said...

OMG about tamirind! I told Anna and Chele yesterday.

I have also reclaimed my veggie roots--it's been something I've said for a year, but have been very steadfast about over the past three months.

much love and congrads.