Friday, August 03, 2007

Don't Feel Like Working

Porkchop took me to work today and was singing part of the Scissor Sisters' "Don't Feel Like Dancing" song. It's stuck in my head, only I've changed the lyrics as appropriate.

This week has sucked big time, but today is different. Today we stopped at Eddie's Southtown Donuts so that I could bring in work treats.

I'm not a glazed donut fan at all, but I do enjoy a good cake donut. And, wow, Eddie knows how to make them! I picked out one each of nearly all of the cake donuts, which Porkchop said was awesome because I guess lots of folks go for the glazed ones. When I got to work, I selected the cinnamon dusted cake donut for myself, and it was FANTASTIC.


Apparently, Eddie made the cake donuts at Donut Drive-In for well over 10 years. So, the shop on Kingshighway is his first independent venture.

And yes, Porkchop, I think it WAS Eddie who helped us. He hand cuts all of his donuts. And he loves the cake donut...he told me himself this morning.

Porkchop has started a blog that will be all about Tamarind. You can find it here. There's already a post!

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Porkchop said...

It wasn't so much that you chose the cake donuts. It was the fact that you pointed to a whole row of various cake donuts and said...

"Just give me one of each of those..."