Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How Apropos

At this very moment, I'm watching a PBS show all about different farmers markets. The show started with a segment on Santa Fe's market, which is quite apropos because I broke this out over the weekend:

Also apropos because I can't wait for Saturday and the Tower Grove market. Hopefully I can pick up more of this:

Peaches and ambrosia cantaloupe...yum!

At the Tower Grove market, I'm trying to cultivate a "that person" persona. I'm that person who buys two mocha macaroons every week from the baked sweets booth. Just two and only two.

I'm hoping we can go to a farmers market in Santa Fe or Albuquerque...maybe a market where we can pick up a breakfast burrito. Man, I am stoked about the food we'll be having in New Mexico...chiles, avocado, homemade tortillas and sopaipillas...yum, yum, yum.

But, I also don't want our trip to come. In 3 weeks, Porkchop will be living in Albuquerque and I'll be back here in St. Louis.

I am so sad.

This morning at work, our financial director asked how things were going and I started tearing up. Granted, I was tired and bleary eyed, but I can cry at the drop of a hat these days.

But, I'm sure things will be okay after the first few weeks. In addition to fairly frequent visits, we will do video chatting. We recently received one iSight camera and the second one is on the way (unfortunately, stupid Apple stopped making the cameras once they started putting cameras in their monitors, and of course PC cameras don't really work on Apples, so we're stuck paying big bucks on eBay - screw you, Apple).

In Addition to My Great Sadness
This week has SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED. Monday morning started with my regular bus running early, so I saw it pass by on Grand as I was walking up Montana. Then the next 70 bus was running late, which made me miss the 8:10 train. Therefore, it took me more than a freaking hour to get to work. I had to start hopping as soon as I walked in the door, and I had tons of things left over to finish at the day's end. AND, the evening bus didn't stop for me as I ran alongside it. GRRRR!

Tuesday was better, although work was still crazy. The day ended with ice cream from Serendipity. Yo, toasted almond ice cream ROCKS! It's like an almond macaroon in ice cream form. Heaven.

And today, well I started the work day by tearing up in front of the financial director. Murrr... And things were still busy.

It doesn't help that I keep thinking today is Friday. Or that tomorrow is Friday. Ugh.

Late-Twenties Crisis
I've also been rather depressed lately...wondering what the hell I'm doing with my life.

I'm reading a book in which the main character is asking himself the EXACT SAME questions that I've been asking myself. It's scary.

ALSO, yesterday I was at the school library and searching around just to see what sort of grad school guides are out there. When I searched on Amazon, my search pulled up one of those Amazon lists...this list was called "You want to go to grad school and your name is Carrie." Okay, first of all, what a dumb name for an Amazon list. Second, why was my name in the title?! Had I at any time logged into the computer or any website, I could understand how my name could have been parsed out and pulled into the title. However, I didn't log into the computer, and I had only done a generic search on the school library website. I never entered my name on anything EVER. It was so strange and kind of freaked me out.

Anyway, I have thoughts that I'm thinking about Masters programs and maybe what I want to do. But I can't write about it here, because then things would be weird. I don't like to tell people my plans.

A Bit of Knitting
Just a bit, not much knitting of late. Here's a little baby hat and the scarf:

(mmmmm...people on the farmers market show are eating sticky rice at a market in Hawai'i. mmmmm.....sticky rice....)

Since one of my co-workers is pregnant and another in the process of adoption, I see some more baby knitting in my future. Babies! Booties! Little hats! Miniature sweaters! Fun!

What Else
Porkchop and I finally received these back:

Porkchop had her sandals totally reworked with new footbeds and new soles with heel taps. Since my footbeds were in good shape, I just had mine recorked and resoled with heel taps. We're happy to have them back.

Also, NO, our sandals are not exactly the same. Porkchop's (top) are much darker than mine in real life.

So, have a good rest of the week! Two more days!


Beth said...

The farmer's market in Hilo, HI was the best farmer's market I've ever been to. Honest!

Oh, CB I want to give you a big hug and tell you all will be okay. You are a schmush and I love you!

Your saturn return is hitting hard!


Carrie said...

I hope it's *just* my saturn return and that things will settle down and become less sad soon.

Thanks for the hug!