Monday, August 13, 2007

Poisoned by Thai Leftovers


I am currently holding down the fort while Porkchop goes to get her student ID and her bus pass. Holding down the fort means that I'm waiting for a UPS driver to deliver Porkchop's stuff. I doubt the driver will actually find the apartment since it's hidden behind the main house...but we'll see what happens.

I don't mind staying in because I feel like shit. I've been nothing but dizzy since I first woke up. Even though I continued to sleep and drank a couple of glasses of water before getting up, the blechiness continues.

I blame the Thai leftovers, which made my stomach grumbly right after eating them last night. Or it could be the beer (Farmer's Tan Red Ale from the NM Tractor Brewing Company) that I had while we watched Follow My Voice: With the Music of Hedwig (PS: I love John Cameron Mitchell so much). Or maybe I had too many snacks during our game of rummy, which we played while sitting out on the patio and enjoying the pleasant night (we had to go in when it became too chilly - imagine that in St. Louis!).

Or maybe I'm just exhausted from all of our shopping trips. I really really think Porkchop is set now. Except we might have to buy Scrabble.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention lunch yesterday!

We did indeed go to the Flying Star. Here I am waiting for our food:

And here is my Vegacado. When I ordered this tofu casserole, I was under the mistaken impression that it contained avocado, even though the description doesn't mention it. So...I was a bit pissed off when I found nary an avocado while eating it. My mistake!

Here's Porkchop with her ginormous chicken potpie:

All in all, I wasn't very impressed. It seems like a nice place for coffee and a pastry, but I won't be hankering to go back for a meal.

We'll see what happens today. As Porkchop writes in her blog, our schedule today will be determined by when (or if) her UPS boxes arrive.


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Beth said...

Could it be you got a wee bit drunk last night! Dizzy, queasy --sounds like a hangover. I know, I know, you only had 1 beer! But my friend, 1 beer at the high altitude will make you as drunk as 2 or 3 beers. What?! Truly, I do not lie. I kept getting drunk after 1 or 2 crappy beers like PBR when I was in Santa Fe, so if you went to a beer place and had a good beer (which has more alcohol then PBR) then you indeed could have a hangover. Science!