Monday, August 20, 2007

Who has Two Thumbs and Cleaned their Plate?

This guy!

Porkchop polished off her plate of green chile chicken enchiladas at El Patio Saturday night. The enchiladas also came with beans, potatoes (oh, the potatoes! so good!), and a sopaipilla; Porkchop ate nearly everything! The rest of the stuff on the plate is just honey, green chile sauce, and sour cream.

Here I am waiting for our food:

El Patio is just two blocks away from Porkchop's place and is terrific. I had the vegetarian platter - an avocado burrito, a bean taco (or you could have a chile relleno), more beans, and a sopaipilla. Yum! The only downfall was that it didn't come with potatoes.

After dinner, we did laundry and hung out at the apartment (there was perhaps crying).

The Last Day
We tried to act normal on Sunday and made a last grocery run for Porkchop.

But it was a sad morning. I felt like I had a load of bricks in my stomach (and it wasn't the beans from the previous night).

The last hour was the worst. Murrrr!

And, of course, like a loser, I cried on the rental car airport shuttle. Luckily I had sunglasses on, but my chin quivered and my nose became snotty.

Things were basically okay after I got on the airplane.

This is what we do now:

As you can see, I can keep up on what Porkchop is cooking for dinner (shells and cheese tonight) and other important things.

It makes me feel like one of us is on a space station. Except neither of us is floating around in zero gravity.


getinmymouthstuff said...

you guys are the sweetest.



Robin said...

I'm sorry so much crying was involved. Long distance relationships suck, no two ways about it. But I'm impressed with the space station-style set-up you're rocking!

Katie said...

oh carebear. i am sorry this is so hard!