Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough

Who isn't listening to Michael Jackson right now??

Porkchop received a couple of voicemails with the news this evening. It's amazing what happens while you're going about minding your own business.

Michael Jackson had a weird, troubled life, and it's unfortunate it took the turn that it did. That said, MJ's songs are part of my childhood soundtrack, and I can't help feeling a little sad (Porkchop is a lot sad, maybe, but trying to not show it).

Soon after my family had cable hooked up, my mom signed us up for that crazy new station called MTV.

And then our lives changed.

My brother and I spent quite a few hours reenacting videos like Beat It and Billie Jean, and of course don't get me started on Thriller! Since our town's newspaper wasn't so great, we subscribed to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, and we anxiously awaited to receive the issues which contained the MTV schedule for the Thriller video. Our mom made sure we turned on the TV at the right time!

I wasn't a big fan of Michael Jackson in his later years, but Porkchop introduced me to the Jackson 5 discography, and I now have the backing vocals of ABC and other hits engrained in my head.

Have you ever seen Porkchop dance to the Jackson 5? It's awesome.

Other Things

I'm enjoying working on this:

It's the nautiloid pattern from Knitty, and it's so fun to knit!

What else?

Just a couple more days until we have some ripe cherry tomatoes!! So exciting!

Using a gift certificate I received recently, we dined at Trattoria Marcella last night. For the $12.20 we paid after the certificate, it was a good meal. I would have been a bit disgruntled otherwise; not due to the food so much as to the service. For example, we sat and sat, and although we received water and yummy hot bread with a cannelini bean dip, there was never mention of our server. Servers walked around all about us, but no one approached. Finally, a guy showed up and explained there had been a "mix-up." We received our food in a timely manner, but our server seemed like he couldn't care less about us. My seared tuna was tasty, as was Porkchop's shrimp and rigatoni, but I didn't really feel welcomed at the restaurant or well cared for, and the food wasn't so astounding that I want to hurry back.

All for now!


EBuz said...

I never knew Porkchop was such an MJ fan.

Also, what was in the cannellini bean dip?

Carrie said...

Porkchop is a big MJ fan, and an even bigger Jackson 5 fan.

The bean dip was really simple - just beans smashed up, some olive oil, pepper and salt, garlic (roasted perhaps). Maybe some lemon juice.

Soooo good.

Carrie said...

PS The dip was served warm.