Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's a Yogini to Do?

For yoga this evening, I went to my beloved YogaToday after perhaps a 10-day absence. My, my, how things have changed!

New layout, new features, and a new pricing structure. Yep, we finally have to pay!

I've always said I would pay for YogaToday videos, but now I actually have to make the decision. Pony up the money, or find something else. (They will have one free video a week, but that can mean you're stuck with a novice class with Neesha, as I was tonight.)

Adi and Sarah are my favorite instructors ever - better than anyone with whom I've had an actual class. So...I might just do the $9.99/month unlimited subscription.

I know! Crazy! Spending money!

In other yoga news, I'm rather close to achieving mayurasana. I dreamt about it last night, and awoke inspired. More practice, more practice.

Have a great Friday!

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